Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Earth Eternal Open Beta, at a glance.

Today I thought I'd peek in at Earth Eternal's Open Beta. This seems like a very lighthearted, fun game. While it's not my type of game I thought it was simply adorable. Very kid friendly too. It's F2P, browser based, 22 choices of 'races' to pick from. The game offers four different classes. Knight, Rogue, Mage and Druid.

I can't give a real review on it as I just wanted to peek in today and see how it is. However I thought I'd give some thoughts on my first glance at it. The game offers many 'animals' to choose from which was neat, you can change the colors of fur/skin. Not a ton of options here but really how much do you need in a game like this? You also get to choose which clothes you start out in.

The game played smoothly, easy very easy to maneuver. It's really an easy game to hop in and play. There are many quests to do, lovely landscapes to see, decent UI and combat was pretty cool. The game had a 'magical' type feel maybe something out of your favorite story book, which added much charm.

I can easily see this one becoming a popular game especially for kids. It felt like being in the world of Richard Scarry, one of my favorite childhood authors ;) I'm not saying adults wouldn't like it either with that remark. It's definitely a niche game, charming and one of a kind in this aspect.

The game felt solid while playing it, quests were easy to figure out as well. It is browser based which makes it easy to access, there is also a full client available too. I only tried the browser client, if I was to play it I'd have to get the full client as the window is too small with the adverts on the side.

Definitely worth taking a look at. I'd rate t up there with the Free Realms type of game interest, solid and fun with out the pressure many other games can have.

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