Friday, September 4, 2009

What's in the end? WoW and other MMOs..

So you finally hit the max level in your current MMO!
Fun things to do, daily quest, raids, heroics, and more right? Ok so you get a bit bored, do it again.. Meh not so fun anymore it seems. I think I am just burnt out on WoW. A big thing is I don't think I really like the classes I play as much as I did when I made them years ago. I don't feel like leveling another do I? With all the changes Blizzard does to class mechanics nothing stays the same.

Then I think, well is it really going to be more fun with another class? Maybe, maybe not. But besides WoW I see this pattern in many games. Maybe I should just quit playing I sometimes think as I get bored so easily.

I think Blizzard's BIGGEST problem is the burn out factor on WoW. Sure throw us some patches to keep us occupied. People want new content all around, and they want it often. EQ offered at one point two expansions a year.

What's fun for you at the top?
I find myself bored with the same crappy daily quest. The only ones I like are fishing and the ones that offer neat rewards be it from a vendor or a bag.

Raids? Sure the first 10 times you do them, the next 50 get pretty dull.

Heroics? Not really at this point. Snore fest.

What about other games?
I am still looking. Don't get me wrong WoW is a fantastic game, but it is easy to stagnate. At least EQ offered the Alternate Advancement system to at least having something to work on at top level and to do so solo or with a group.

Any other game.. I just have not stuck to at high end due to getting bored quickly.

What now?

So we gear up and wait for the next expansion, do it all over again? I hope some of the things in Cataclysm make high end less of a burn out.

I know I sound like someone who is whining about being bored, but most of my friends and family have quit already due to being so bored already. That tells me something. I log in a couple of times a week max now. :(

Anyhow.. in other news.

WoW's faction change option has come out. I was thinking about switching one of my characters just for a change up. I am very glad they added it in, pretty cool. I figure they will milk this while they can, one day I see the factions being removed as the game declines in the future. On PvE servers anyhow. Mark my words ;)

Well that's my 2cp today. Maybe I shouldn't of logged into WoW ;)

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