Saturday, September 5, 2009

EC Times: Whats new in the MMORPG world?

Some interesting things in mmorpg news this summer. Just going to go over some of what I think is pretty interesting. Whats going on, just a peek on whats yet to come this fall. Lots of cool new MMOs and Free MMOs.

Something Cataclysmic is coming!
We all know this one of course. This is what I am the most excited about so far. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Two new races, Worgen and Goblin. New profession. Level cap raised to 85. Flying mounts in Azeroth! Bringing back the fun into Azeroth with a revamp of old world. Just wish we knew when it was due out. Also it's been said that Blizzards next MMO project will be "Significantly different". Hrmm wonder when we will hear more on this.

Everquest 2

EQ 2 gets an Achievement system! Also the ability to level your level down your character to go back and grab content you missed and being able to benefit from it still. Makes grouping with lower level friends easy too. Houses are getting room upgrades, most will get an additional room added. Also out this fall is the new expansion Sentinel's Fate.

The 16th expansion Underfoot will be out this fall, November! They are hosting three events leading to this expansion.
The first event will begin in August
, the second event will begin in September and the third event will begin in October.

Free Realms
Housing is said to be due out September or October! In time garages will be added to show off cars. Mini games will be added to houses. I suppose cleaning and building? Who knows. But very cool to hear housing is to be out soon!

Warhammer just hit it's one year mark recently. Happy birthday WAR! Very exciting for them, they had a huge in game celebration for this also. Also all the tier 4 armor set skins are getting a revamp.

DAoC's last two expansions are now free. (Wish the game would go free.. I would play it again ;) )

Fun Com
Age of Conan is getting it's first expansion before long, Rise of the Godslayer. Cap is staying at 80. More content added from levels 20-80. Also a new race will be in the game, no new classes.

Fun Com is also working on a new mmorpg it seems. Check out the link here.

LOTRO is getting a new expansion this fall, The Siege of Murkwood. This expansion will only cost Twenty us dollars roughly. Level cap increased to 65, more game enhancements, and other things such as new Skirmishes feature.

This is a big month for Turbine's DDO, but we will get to that later.

The wait continues on..

New class sith lord announced! you can check out the class list so far here.
And don't miss the game play video if you have not seen it yet! It is possible it will be out around Oct. 2010. It looks like an exciting game. Can't wait to hear more on it!

Guild Wars 2
We have waited so long on this one, many thought it was never going to happen. So far some interesting information about it; No more click to move! You can swim and jump. New companion system (hero). Charr, Sylvari, Norn and Asura will be the four new races. An auction house system, yay. Persistent world with instances, dungeons and missions. No subscription fee! Very exciting, cannot wait to play this one.

Lego Universe
Not sure when this one is set to release but it looks like a fun game to look forward to!

Out this month
It has been said pre-order sales so far are Champions in the lead with Fallen Earth in second and Aion third. I wouldn't of thought Aion would be third honestly.

Aion is due out on Sept 22. Can't wait to give this one a try. I personally wanted to see how it goes before trying it. But it looks like a beautiful game, stunning graphics! The only thing I am not so sure about is the PvPvE. I will be sure to check this one out.

Champions Online
The last I heard was release pushed back to Sept 1st. I assume it is out now. This game looks pretty fun, but too much like CoH and CoV for me. Maybe if it has better game play I will try it. Will have to see how well it fares after it's release.

Fallen Earth Online
This game is due out Sept 9. It is a different type. I've not looked into it much but I will be sure to keep tabs on it, sure one of these days I will give it a go. It has a dark twist to it set in the post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2156.

Runes of Magic
The Origins Chapter Two patch (part 2 of this), is due out on Sept 15. This will have the rest of the awaited content out. Many new things have come with this patch such new class(es), a new elven race. New areas ect. It looks like it will be very fun.

Going FTP this month
DDO is going free with the option for subscription also. Raising the level cap to 20. This opens up Sept. 9. I'm going to sure to check this one out.

The Chronicles of Spellborn is going free. The company is going through some bad times, they are redeveloping the game for being free. (My guess is adding cash shop ect for a free type game.) It is currently free now and will eventually re-launche, so now is a great chance to try it out!

It's said that this one has shut down new account creation until October 2nd, when everything will be transferred over to Webzen. Check out the site for more info.

Guild Wars
Lots of changes inc for the PvP battles. You can read more on the Official Wiki.

Upcoming free MMORPGs to look out for and check in on Beta:
Sign up for beta relaunch. Happy to hear this game will be back!

Also be sure to keep tabs on some of these as they look very interesting. Karos Online, S.U.N, Allods Online and Earth Eternal.

So there ya have it, lots of interesting things going on!
Until next time- kaozz

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