Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are you an Alt-o-holic in MMORPGs?


When used in reference to MMORPG's (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games), such as World of Warcraft or Everquest, refers to a person who creates many different characters, rather than just one or two. May also be used to refer to a player who creates characters on many different servers of the same game, where the experiences they see will often be different from each other.

Use of the word is intended to be comical in nature, a play on the word "alcoholic" and will often garner laughter from others if used correctly.

Although I have three 80's in WoW two whom I have raided with up to the current content.. I find myself playing alts mostly the past few weeks. Getting bored with the same ol same ol. I was at the point where I did not know what I wanted to play anymore.. when it gets like that it means it's time for a break. It just had to happen upon renewing my subscription, right? :(

So I pick up AoC and play a character up and get it rolling out of the starting areas, moving on to higher stuff. Then it sets in.. I wonder what those other classes are like? Hrmm lets try each one I'm interested to ten! So I have several alts.. I still can't tell which I like the best. I'm just going to pick one and level it to see more of the game higher up I've decided.

I guess sometimes it's just looking for something more fun. Other times it can be due to burn out or constant changing of class mechanics in some games. I'm really big on reading forums and researching classes before I play them. That can be good and bad, you also run into a lot of QQ.

And really most of the time the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Sometimes it can be. Just when you keep making those alts you could have something to show for it. That's where I try to keep it in check. Try them out, decided on what you want.

There is no perfect class out there in any MMO. There may be classes you love in games but you will never find any of them perfect.

While it is good to try out what you want to get a feel for a few classes, it can burn you out going through the same content over and over.

So as I try to stop being an Alt-o-holic this week I ended up realizing it for me.. means I am getting bored with a game.

I'm going to be late for my Alto-o-holic's Anonymous meeting so until next time ;) Ok maybe I'm just going to log into my game instead...

(Screen shot- EQ2)

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