Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My 2 cp: PvE + PvP = Unbalance?

I decided to mess around on my priest a bit today, do some heroics. Had fun, it's been awhile since I have done much with her. I even got asked to join a nice guild. I'm considering it, seems like something to keep me interested a bit more.

So as always when I pick up the game again I like to see whats going on in the forums. All I can see is complaints about this or that. And really when I come to think about it.. it's due to PvP vs PvE. One gets nerfed due to being OP in the other. Chances are PvE gets nerfed b/c of PvP issues.

A big issue I've had with wow (besides getting bored due to lack of expansions), has been the constant changes of classes. And really it is most always due to PvP balance.

There's always caster vs melee complaints. I noticed besides WoW that AoC had these complaints too. Instead of it being World of Meleecraft they called it Conan the Caster lol. I think a huge deal though was the sprint ability. They should just rework it so that it does not use melee ability resources, casters just use it to sprint.. melee use it for attacks and sprinting so they are easily kited. I'm not going to get into the rest of the complaints there though.

In the end it seems classes get homogenized because of this. MY CLASS IS UNDERPOWERED MAKE IT MORE LIKE X CLASS! WoW seems to cater to these cries more so than most games. And b/c of it the classes I have had for years are nothing like they were to begin with. Some of them for the better, some not.

So what happens? People will always cry for nerfs. As long as you have PvP in a PvE game there will be no balance. The developers may try but it will always swing this way or that. The neft bat is sure to swing both ways time and time again.

So back to what I started thinking about. Why not make PvP servers specifically PvP? Cater to those who just want to PvP there? I don't know but from what I have heard over the years is most hardcore PvPers do not care about levels, raids, ect let them just pvp on those servers. Make PvP dailys to do just that, in specific areas maybe but out in the world? Attack cities ect.. They just want to PvP.

There needs to be a balance in a game that doesn't cause either play style to be dumbed down. Why not different servers have different types of abilities? PvE and PvP, then you could start to balance towards what you are designing for that specific area of play. Players know specific spells and abilities will differ from server to server. They already have designed PvP and PvE sets just for those specific areas.. why not take it a step further?

Money issues? As much as Blizzard likes to brag about it's subscription base being so large.. well what are they doing with all that dough? Not popping out expansions.. two in five years.. that's really really sad. Put it towards something to keep people happy. They already have the Arena Tournament separate from the live servers. They already have the base for arena, add in bg's ect.

I like both aspects honestly but when one starts causing the other suffer with nerfs and being less fun.. well then that's where it starts to wear players thin. How many things have been changed b/c of arena?

There will always be unbalance when these two types of play are in the same environment. Why not make these separate for both to advance and be fun where they belong? This is just one option, not a solution. It's the closest I can think to make both aspects of the game more defining for those that are simply for one or the other.

I honestly dread seeing how it will be in Aion. Maybe the will have a better hold on it, but from the aspects I understand it seems more chaotic than it is in those out there currently.

Anyhow thats my 2cp for the day. I just get tired of being on a yo-yo.


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