Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DDO Unlimited play free, started today! (MMO)

I was thinking about trying out Dungeons and Dragons Unlimited when it went free. As today got closer I realized I was more interested than I thought I would be. I remember trying it years ago with the free trial (when it first was released as subscription). It is now free with the option of subscription (ViP), and a cash shop.

Honestly a game doesn't have to be a blockbuster or even subscription to be enjoyable. And so far I've had a lot of fun. The graphics are lovely, they always have been. Several races to pick, very nice models. I forgot how nice of a look this game had. The music is good too.

You can solo dungeons, duo, or even get a party. I love the soloing, also I want to try to see how it is to party with others once I learn more. Still getting my bearings! They even had someone answering questions in general which was really cool. I finally figured how to turn the camera to face my character lol (the 4 key on the num pad). It's not as smooth with things like that, but you can jump, strafe.. ect. The game has a polished feel for the most part.

Quests were fun and quick. You can even do them a few times to get different rewards, at this point anyhow. I started out with a cleric, there's several classes to pick from or even build your own type. For the more advanced players.. I may try that later on. Combat so far is pretty easy, light and fun. It could change later on, doubt it.

So far the community seems good, tons of people playing as it is shiny and new again being free. So looks like I have something new to keep me busy in my free time, I want to give this one a shot, if it's good enough I'd even pay for the subscription. It is free and definitely worth a look!

Just a peek at DDO, as I have yet to venture in very far past a few dungeons! So that's what I am up to tonight ;)

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