Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Brewfest fun!

This year Brewfest is using coins, but if you still have tickets, you can trade those in for coins! I had 25 in the bank on my Paladin and traded them in for 25 coins. I was pretty happy about that.

Everything you can do is linked here. Plus a lot of nifty achievements to get! It will be happening September 20 - October 4.

I decided to give the Brewfest boss a go with my Priest, friend of mine asked so I figured it would be fun. Got a couple of nice trinkets which I was happy about for Priest and Pally. I was pretty excited when a Great Brewfest Kodo dropped on my second try with Paladin, ecstatic when I won it! I will be trying to win that or the ram with my Priest now lol.

I also got the cute Pint-Sized Pink Elekk which I was so happy to see as a pet collector! On the 27th watch out for Harvest Fest! They are adding a new title and pet! Pilgrim title, and a turkey pet. So this looks like a good year for us pet lovers!

Anyhow.. lots to do for Brewfest! Always a treat when the holiday events come around. Fun times! May your Brewfest be full of Brew or.. Synthebrew Goggles heh, and your lewt be phat! -kaozz

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