Monday, September 21, 2009

Aion Release!.. and some thoughts.

Today is the big day for Aion's release. Many people got into the head start. I wasn't one, I didn't pre-order either :( I was wanting to see how much I liked Champions first. But it's exciting to have a new MMORPG on the market. Something different, a change is always nice.

While I have not tried it, I kinda got lazy during open beta, I am looking forward to playing this gorgeous game! I've been playing WoW a bit more due to Brewfest, doing some heroics on both my 80 Horde chars. I was working more on Priest but leaning back towards Paladin now.

Anywho.. It's going to be nice to have a change from WoW as burnt out as I am. Tonight I saw my old guild leader's alt in better gear than my main. I'm not jealous to be honest.. just kind of irritated since he passed loot I won on my alt to someone else. He used the *that's your alt* card on me, while I never saw it said to others. All the while he raked in the loot on his alts like it was raining candy. Talk about a hypocrite.. /rant off. Guess you can see why I am burnt out a bit...

U R NOT TEH CORE GROUP GTFO.. oh can u plz healz uz?!!

Moving on...
So I will be curious how this game goes, I want something a tad different, we shall see how it is with this first month. I think Champions was too different for my tastes, although I am still trying to stick with it. Picking a spec is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle heh. I spoke to someone in game the other night that told me about a good solo build that I still have to try.

I am getting sick of can you top this bull with the games I play. WoW is the leader of the pack, can you top MAH DPSSSS METERZ. No I'm healing arse face.. now can you stfu and stop stepping in the green goo? Oh you died, how tragic.. /sarcasm. Getting gear depends on running with morons if you don't have a guild, or a good guild. Or you could have a good guild with a greedy leader. I have been in good guilds although these days it's hard to find one that doesn't have it's little clique. Honestly it's something I hear about all to much. I love WoW just not most of it's players :p

So back to the topic.. I am excited about Aion . The graphics! Oh they are sweet. It's like a Lineage 2 but with out all the bad things. I loved how Lineage 2 looked, sadly I found the game to be quite boring, it did not hold my interest for long. I am not saying this game will be perfect or close, but it seems to be the only one since WoW that has had me this interested. The rest since then have been iffy.. I almost preo-rdered. Wish I had!

The closer it's got to release the more I have really been wanting to get my hands on this game. It seems to be the one closest to my tastes within a game, that has been released in the last few years. I really did want to beta it, but I also didn't want to burn out the game when I knew I would get it in time. Beta can be fun.. I had tons in the WOtLK beta.

I had wanted to wait a month or two after release to try it but knowing me I will try it anyhow regardless of how the reviews are. I do this with every game out there heh. I have to try it out for myself. I do hope this game has some grit, some depth, a fun feeling overall. I am not looking for the Holy Grail of Games of course. Just surely something new I can sink my teeth into and play after such a long haul with WoW and the previous first love.. EQ.

I suppose if not this then maybe SWTOR could possibly be another on the horizon. Only time will tell. Hopefully soon I will have more to say on Aion. I want at least something to have fun with till Cataclysm, geez Bilzzard can you make us wait any longer?.. Oh yeah they have done so in the past!

Till next time players ;)

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