Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gatheryn Beta, first Impression. (MMO)

Gatheryn a new MMO currently Beta, so I decided to try this one out this evening. I've seen many screen shots of it and thought I would peek in and see how it is. I can't call this a review honestly, more of a first impression.

First off, I never like to really say any game is no good. It takes time and effort to make them, and someone out there is proud of the work they put into any game. I respect that. Although I am a MMORPG/MMO vet when it comes to playing them, I am not a designer and I applaud those putting their dreams into motion on any game. I absolutely love all the different games out now, I applaud even the little names in this big game world trying to get a foot in the door.

However I do know my games and how they should function. So lets get on with my peek into Gatheryn Beta. It was brief I will admit. But the reasons would be because my first thoughts of this specific game are- it feels more like Alpha Beta. While Gatheryn has a lovely world, the characters still need more work, the controls make you feel dizzy and there are currently no options.

I am sure they are working on it to better the game but if you are looking for a game to play around with, this is seriously a game that needs feedback, feels as if it is being tested while you play. So if you do look into it, be sure to send those folks some feedback.

The mini games are actually kind of fun, though they need descriptions on them. Some of them you know how they should work.. while others you feel quite lost.

Controls, as I said there are no options. So the controls feel awkward and cannot be remapped. I couldn't get over the controls long enough to explore more than a bit of the world and some mini games, my eyes were swimming.

Character creation was meh so far. They offer different outfits which was neat but no matter what I did for my characters face it still looked pretty much the same. Lets just say my character was on the homely side heh. The hair wasn't bad, it could use some work on a few but I have seen much worse.

It took awhile for some things to load up. Loading.....
Yeah loading was really yucky for me. It was actually on the harsh side where I actually tabbed out while it did so.

This game could be a fun little game if they added some more control with it, worked on the mentioned points. While I didn't see anyone running around, it is meant to be a social game with mini games. Just something to kick back and have fun with.

As I said the scenery was very good, lets hope they take some of that polish and put it into the characters and play of the game. So that's just my brief look into the game. While I would of liked to give it more of a chance, I just couldn't play it as is to try more of it out. Plus steam punk gives me nightmares ;) This game could hold promise if they give it the much needed love it needs. I truly liked the scenery and robot npc's I saw. I've never been a steam punk fan but they gave it a great look in this world so far.

*Runs away from Steam Punk Robots*

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