Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free Realms, RoM and some Kung fu Fighting WoW Style!

This video is from Boubouille of MMO-Champion. I just love this little guy! I'm wondering how he will be obtained. I surely want to get my hands on one! Waiting eagerly for the patch to come out!

Free Realms 5mil celebration event.
Take a Spin and See What You Can Win!! To celebrate the 5,000,000th registered player in Free Realms, a special 5M Party Wheel is available for a limited time. Log in each day and celebrate with your friends using the crazy fun party items. To participate you must log in to Free Realms between September 16, 2009 and September 23, 2009.

So it seems FR hit 5 million registrations! I just might have to log in for the celebration. It's been awhile since I checked the game out, been waiting around on the housing to check that out when it's released.

Runes of Magic released it's new patch "The Elven Prophecy" yesterday. It offers their new race and class. I will definitely be checking this out soon.

Just a few things I thought were worth mention today ;)

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