Friday, September 18, 2009

Champions Online Economy Changes!

Today Cryptic announced economy changes in Champions. Looking good so far that Cryptic is taking note and acting on things quickly. This change will be on the public test realm this weekend.

It has been a big issue with the retcon price. I have had to remake characters due to bad choices because it just seems easier than trying to get the resources to respec. So this seems like a great improvement!

Some of the mentioned changes will be:
-Increasing the resources you get for mission rewards specifically.
-The retcon pricing curve is going to be much gentler so that players can undo more decisions at any time.
-Free retcon for all heroes when the economy changes go Live since it will take a little time for the effects of the new economy to allow players to build up a retcon bankroll.
-Increasing the amount of resources you get for defeating all enemies.

I'm very excited about these changes, I've been slow on the get go with champions but I'm still hanging in there to see how it is going to turn out. Which it looks good so far that they are keeping close tabs on keeping things in retrospect with game function and play.

The community still at this point is booming. I for one am glad to hear about these changes! Once I start getting further into the game I'll be doing a more in depth review. For now I thought this was worth a mention!

Stay safe adventurers.. or champions!

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