Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Everquest Ancient Heroes patch, expansion date pushed back, memories.

From the Sept 15 patch notes on the EQ offical forums:

"Ancient Heroes: Old Man McKenzie, a frequent patron of the taverns in the Plane of Knowledge, thinks you adventurers have it too easy these days! Back in his day they didn't have all this fancy armor and magical weaponry, they relied on their wits and not a little luck to survive! Think you've got what it takes to survive in McKenzie's Gold era? Now's your chance to prove it! Enter McKenzie's world and take on the denizens of Nagafen's Lair, Permafrost, and Guk as they were originally meant to be played, at level 50!

Transform yourself into a character built to mimic the classic EQ experience before even the lands of Kunark had been discovered. Prove your mettle by besting the Undead Frogloks of Guk or the Kobolds of Nagafen's Lair, with up to 5 friends. Or if you're feeling especially gallant, gather a raid force and take down Lord Nagafen or Lady Vox! With all new rewards you'll want to conquer them all!

For players who wish for that classic server this is probably the closest thing you can have to it currently. Seems like a lot of fun, you get for a time to reminisce of those good ol' days.

It would be nice to have a classic server having up to Velious on it but I doubt that ever happens. So if you're looking for a chance to re-experience some old content, great time to do it. It's not enough to get me interested honestly. It's just another Monster Mission really, but it's one of the better ideas IMO for one.

The expansion date looks like it will be pushed back to Dec, keep tabs on the forums to see whats going on with that.

So that's about as exciting as it gets for now ;) I use to think a classic server would be a silly thing but as time passes by the idea becomes more appealing to me. Maybe a classic up to Velious with a few perks of today's game.

The game was fun and fresh, it had simple graphics, but we miss those. The game had a certain feel to it. As the game gets older it seems to lose that feel. There are things I do not miss. Horrible corpse runs to zones across the world, no ooc regen, no mounts.. the list could go on and on. But they could take a few things and make it better. Alas I could dream on and on. The closes thing it seems we will ever get is EQ for the Mac. As it has expansions only up to Luclin. That's just not something I want to bother with to be able to play it for nostalgic reasons.

Todays game is a better game honestly in mechanics. But the spirit of the game seems to hang back in a much simpler time, the days of Kunark and Velious.

This patch and the next expansion appear to offer more fun to be had, cheers to Everquest!

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