Monday, September 14, 2009

Champions Online: Are you super heroic or just an average crime fighter?

Well this evening I feel more like just an average crime fighter honestly. With the battles against the rubber-banding, game hanging upon loading, asking to patch with each log in. Then factor in quests being higher level than you currently are.. well you wouldn't feel so heroic either.

So I've decided to take a day or two off Champions. I didn't get to play for very long this evening. With a combination of all I mentioned, I just threw in the towel. Quests bugging out, having to drop them and redo them is no fun. Especially when it's a tough quest. I have never died in a game so many times.. possibly when I first started EQ. The very first day. This feels worse, I know what I am doing and still getting steamrolled if I don't watch it.

If you pick the wrong abilities, it's actually easier to remake the character b/c it is outrageously costly. That is something I think that will hurt the life of this game if not changed quickly. Lower it to be realistic to what really is affordable. Remaking characters though to pick abilities over isn't something I feel like doing b/c I chose things that were not so great. So not sure if I will bother with making a 3rd character. I sorta have a feeling I may head over to the forums and make another when I see whats a pretty good spec.

While I do have my complaints the game sure is lovely to look at. It has a fun feel. For now I will give it a day or two and then come back to see if I still feel like playing.

So just a rant and how it's been with Champions so far.

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