Thursday, September 10, 2009

My 2 cp: Raising the bar with MMORPGs? Less is more?

Is it just me or do MMORPGs have less mystique these days? Are they getting easier? More Homogenized? Or are we just a bunch of spoiled little gamers? I played EQ for five years straight happily grinding away, still feeling an awe for the game. It still had mystique that far into it.

I have played WoW for five straight years.. ok I have taken a few breaks.. but never for too long. Here I am at the same mark as I was with EQ when I strayed away.. I still had fun. I honestly don't know why I quit other than wanting to look at a new game called WoW. After five years I think a change was due honestly. But it still had a captive quality about it... where currently while I think very highly of WoW, it no longer captivates me. What would remedy this honestly? Stop throwing us small little bones called content patches and put out expansions sooner. Brash, but the honest truth. This would never have flown in the world of Norrath!

Less is more? Less content but it will be perfected to a polished radiant perfect little expansion when it's damn well ready. L2Hire?
Today's games slowly put out expansions waiting on the next big or little threats to announce or throw us a bone.. err expansion to keep us.

What will be the WoW killer? Same as EQ, stagnation of the game. EQ is far from dead but it no longer sits on the throne. While they throw out tons of expansions, it took them too long to change things to keep players. Instead of doing so, they wanted to make a game that was far more advanced... In the end, the graphics of EQ2 have put off players especially upon release. Rumors of Blizzards new MMO kind of worry me.

Less is more?
My brother is drooling over SWOR and while I am really more into the fantasy genre, I have been giving a closer look. I like what I have read so far especially in IGN's interview in July.

WoW hit the nail on the head with graphics. Yes some could use an update but the style is very easy on many computers. It seems developers of SWOG have picked up on this. I love the graphics from AoC but honestly they are really too intensive. EQ2 is close behind on that one, while lovely.. they turn away possible customers. A new computer is not a luxury everyone can have when each new shiny graphic intense game comes out. While I can run both of these.. not all my friends or family can.

But back to SWOR. Solo play. Ever want to run a dungeon but not enough people on or just want to go solo.. we all do. SWOR has taken note of that. Want to duo it? You will be able to.

Champions online (which is currently sitting on my desk waiting to be installed tomorrow.. or I will never make it to sleep), has taken this and ran with it. I notice a lot of reviews making comments about it being the solo mmo? Honestly what more do you expect from a super hero MMO?? You are super a hero, you can solo anything! That's what I thought.. CoH/V killed that for me lol. But it seems Ctyptic has learned from past mistakes. I will find out tomorrow for sure ;)

I noticed in DDO general chat, people made discordant comments about soloing dungeons. What is wrong with that? I never liked playing the real DnD with people.. I could never hold a straight face and ended up being too silly to be able to play. My husband drug me to a friend's house where they ambushed me into playing....

Anyhow aside from that blast from the past, sometimes solo is fun at times. What can you really solo and have fun with in WoW.. dailys... the first time maybe? I like options for solo, duo, group, and raid. I am spoiled, yes I know this.

No Enthusiasm for the new homogenized games?
AoC and WAR were huge disappointments upon release. MMORPG Hype of new games since has turned skeptical b/c of these two releases. I really feel for these companies, as they wanted so much to be bigger than they turned out to be. While they offered innovative aspects, they had produced games that felt unfinished on the big day.

Champions and Aion hold much skepticism on how they will fare long run. Only time will tell. I hope SWOR has taken a lot of notes on the games since WoW. Which is still holding the market by the.. well anyhow. I know S.O.E. never thought Blizzard would take their place in the industry, but blizzard should remember every dog has it's day. Don't think people will sit and wait like good little children on the next expansion when something finally does compete massively.

The moral of the story?
I think the MMORPG industry has gotten lax, most companies scared to change things up. Those who do get bad reviews.. But what we all want as gamers is to keep the game we play fresh. We want cool new toys, may it be flying ponies, expansion, and so on.. That's really raising the bar IMO for mmorpg's. Keep it fresh, not too realistic, it's a fantasy after all. The players, we all want to solo group and pvp, remember us all.

So that's my 2cp today. I think I have played too many games this year ;) -kaozz

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