Monday, September 14, 2009

My 2 cp: Evony, tell me something I don't know.

Evony- which was once Civony has gotten a lot of hate from the press. From a multitude of things such as infringement to it's marketing tactics.

I will start off by saying this, I don't play the game, nor do I have any interest to (it's just not my style of game being the reason). However I do know a bit about it. I've seen how it works, I do know someone who is pretty into the game and have spoken and watched game play in depth. I have a feel for the game itself overall. While I am not defending the game I don't see why it has been under much criticism.

Marketing? I will admit the marketing has been hrmm.. very much of poor taste and downright pathetic. There are no breasts in the game, zero. But is Evony the first to use this as a marketing scheme? Honestly? People are acting like this is new. How many games out on the market sit on the shelves with breasts pouring out over the cover? How many games use females in sexy attire that look like nothing in the game itself? Maybe if it didn't work so well they wouldn't use it? Remember the original Everquest box art? If not let me refresh your memory..

While it is a really poor marketing ploy, it's one that keeps happening. If you don't believe me, check out the art for upcoming game Aion. As a female gamer it's just something I have grown immune to. It doesn't bother me anymore. Do I like it? No. After playing AoC (topless females galore), I think really it just comes down to if you want to deal with it or not. If not move on, don't play it. If the marketing bothers me I don't play it. It's something that seems to go with the territory. While Evony takes it to extremes, it's nothing new.

Infringement? Seriously? If that was the case every game after (INSERT ORIGINAL BIG GAME OF SO AND SO GENRE HERE), could be a case of infringement. There are so many games out there that copy classes, art, interfaces, tactics.. need I go on? They all are a copy of a copy of a copy of the first big game of that type, changed, streamlined, fine tuned to be something "different". In the mmorpg genre we could say they all copied Everquest. How about WoW's yellow ? and !... how many games do you see using that now?

How many games have copied the infamous yellow ? from WoW...

I don't really care about all the extensive bad press honestly, I just get tired of hearing about it on many of the gaming pages, blogs I read. It's actually become a quite popular game. It's not my style but the people who play it seem to have fun with it. Live and let live. Tell me something I don't know already please.

Civilization copyright infringement? Isn't Civilization is a turn-based single-player game? This is an mmo. It is not turn based, I would say the play styles are nothing alike in that aspect.

Cash shop, yes it's there. I mentioned I know someone who plays this game, he plays- has played it for quite some time. He has used the cash shop once. He really sees no need for it and has quite an impressive amount of prestige and all that jazz that the game is about. So really it's not something that you need to play the game. He logs in daily, never needing to bother with the cash shop. It's there if you want it, just like so many other games. Games are out there to make money, so this is no different.

I am not an Evony fan these are just my thoughts after seeing so many negative things said about the game. I don't want to hear about it, read about it. Nobody cares honestly. It's a silly little game one step up from a mud, honestly it's not the game that has people riled up it's the marketing, is it a rip off.. are they Chinese gold farmers. WHO CARES?

And that's just my 2cp. -kaozz


  1. Good 4 you...I agree with everything you said...
    I play the game and like it, never bought a thing...
    I even spend lots of time playing, which is fine, 4 me....
    personally, I never saw any advertisements 4 it, no tv, radio or newspaper 4 me...dont like em so choose not to use em...and I block all ads from any webpages I go to...I h8 all forms of advertisement.
    A friend told me about it. I do know, whenever sm1 has a good idea...and profits from it...ppl h8, lol
    Anyway, yer 2cents was a nice read....

  2. Thank you :) Yeah it seems most people that actually play don't even know about the ad's. The game has 30 or so servers, they seem to be doing a lot better than a most free and many subscription games.

    Always appreciate feedback! Ty for the reply :D




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