Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aion release day.. what am I doing?

Today is the official release day... for those of us who did not pre-order. I sat thinking yesterday how it sure would have been nice had I done so. But as I am a night owl and up in the wee hours of the morning, my husband doesn't get off work till 2 or 3am, I happened to still be up last night pretty late. Or this morning.. all the same to me ;) So off to Walmart I went in hopes to snag a copy of Aion.

I remember some of my friends telling me about times they didn't pre-order games Walmart had copies though in the wee hours. So I figured in Houston I should be able to get one pretty easily. So when I got there I saw they had added a lot of different games to the shelves, more so than the last time I had been there. But no Aion!


I just really felt let down that I had even bothered going out. I decided to look around for a sales person, never hurts to ask. Plus I'm never shy about asking for what I want to know. I noticed that they still had someone at the counter in Electronics, so I pounced on them asking about a game released today. "Oh Halo?" They replied. "Uh no.. Aion.. " I said. Turns out she had seen Aion in the back and went to get someone to let her in the cage in the back to grab me one. I was thrilled!

So that's my little adventure with Aion. Right now I have it installing, so that's where I will be today. I am sure there will be a nasty queue like WoW had. I've heard about it from other blogs and sites over the last couple of days.

So tomorrow I will be giving my first impressions on it after some play time! Till next time -kaozz

After thought: I meant to mention this before I published >< I guess it slipped my mind in all the Aion excitement.

Direct2Drive is having a 5 year anniversary sale. Great deals, many games for five bucks. You can check it out here. 50+ games for 5$ each, every Monday for the next five weeks new titles will be launched. There's some really good deals there.. I see AoC listed.. I paid a lot more for that a few weeks ago lol. Anyhow.. just wanted to share that with anyone who might be interested!

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