Thursday, April 9, 2020

New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons came out at the end of last month and it looked like a lot of fun. I've been playing that a good bit lately, EQ, and some other stuff. Sharing some thoughts on what I've been playing this month and what I'm looking forward to.

ACNH is a lot of fun, it is beautiful, adorable and just plain out relaxing. It still is a daily game with long term goals and plenty of waiting for this and that. My main gripe is storage issues, much as I have with all of the Animal Crossing games I have played. But this release feels much more flexible, although Pocket Camp is very flexible just expensive if you want the cool stuff. There is plenty of cool stuff to obtain in New Horizons, and I don't feel bad for not having to pull out my wallet for every event that comes by (looking at you--> Pocket Camp). I'm pretty much loving it, not playing it as much as I would like to, but it is a great way to relax at the end of the day. Highly recommend it if you have a switch.

Going to the switch from the 3DS, I was really on the fence. I love how compact even my 3DS XL is. I like the touch screen on the bottom and the control layout, as well as the power button far more. I think the Switch is a bit clunky and large, I have a really awesome animal crossing case but it stays in the dock charging more than in the case it seems. The upsides to the switch would be playing it on the TV, the flexibility with controllers snapping on and off, it's like Voltron, lol, combining and popping apart. Playing Mario Kart with dire is a lot of fun and we could pull off the controllers and each use one, even though they were clunky, I'll need to get a different controller eventually for that. But the console does come with a device that meshes both into one controller which is really nice. Overall I like it a lot, glad we have it, and I'm really enjoying ACNH. I'm not a huge console player, I love my PC and probably like the tablet/phone mobile ease of games more than I used to, but Nintendo always seems to be the way I go with handhelds and consoles. I also think PSO2 is releasing on the switch (eventually), very cool if so. It's also coming to us in NA for PC soon, can't wait. A real great game.

Besides that Dire and I are still playing EverQuest. Our longest stint in quite a while. We do a lot, and I mean a lot, of missions in the dead hills. It gets sort of repetitive but we have gotten some nice gear for out latest duo/trio the 2 beastlords and his bard, it's easy content for us and decent xp, plus he loves doing them. We do about two a night, most nights. On our anniversary boosted toons we've passed the mains on this current server, sitting at just under 98, we'll probably get that tonight. The melee group seems so much tougher and kills so much faster, it is a real change. Very interactive and a really strong group for us to play. Nothing is really new in EQ with us, we still have yet to do much in the new content, but there is always so much to do. Dire also picked up Mount & Blade II Banner Lord, I'm excited to see him play that as he's been waiting years for it to release.

I still log into Rift almost every day. Rift has nothing new, I wish we could get some new content, but it is easy to log in do my stuff with selling, minions and lots of dimension decorating. I love playing Rift still, not sure what the future holds but it is and has been a staple in my gaming for the longest time now, probably because of the awesome housing. If anything between crafting and dimensions, I get some cool screenshots.

My WoW account is about to expire, I still  love playing but it sort of feels stale with this expansion. I have plenty to do, but I think I am ready for the new xpac to hit. I want to renew but I don't know if I have the time, I decided on a whim I wanted something with so much to do and remembered I have a BDO account. Black Desert Online has so much stuff to do, so much to learn. My main is low, in the 20's so there is so much to see. So much to figure out. The game has a lot of depth. It has mounts, mount taming, pets, you can have multiple pets out at once, houses, many of them, just all kinds of things waiting for you. I suppose it is the getting lost and just doing all these different things really appeals to me in a time when so many games feel a bit neglected and stagnant these days. I am in no rush to level, just learning the game and having fun along the way is all I need right now!

What have you been playing? Are you playing the same games or any at all these days? Safe adventures!

Before I figured out how to hide the UI, isn't the kitty sitting with me a nice touch?

My lovely pets.
Exploring though some old content for fishing.

Queen for a day.

Just a nifty shot from Nightmare Tide.

Drifting and I grabbing some new gear.

Dead Hills mission.


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