Tuesday, November 26, 2019


There are a few anniversaries at the end of this year, EQ2 and WoW are both 15! The blog here is 10! It feels like time just is flying by and it was only yesterday I started this blog. Hopefully I'm still blogging for years to come, a bit more than I do these days at least.

EQ2 and WoW currently have anniversary events going on. I have not really done much in EQ2 because I mostly play on test and you really have to coordinate times there since the population is so small, so I have not taken part in the new event added this year, but there is a cool mount to grab if you can log in and get that done. It is also the Christmas season on Test so I have been playing around with that mostly when I do log in.

WoW has a really great mount addition this year, the Death Wing mount. It looks fantastic and you can easily do it using LFR. The looking for raid part took me about an hour I think, pretty easy overall. This raid consists of past raid bosses phasing you in and out of different times, interesting and fun, not too big of a time sink, very glad I got it. There is also a cute pet for logging in.

Both events are lasting for awhile. EQ2 also has the expansion prelude event going on, there are lots of housing and fluff items to grab while it is around. EQ2 has an expansion coming out before the end of the year with a familiar/pet that gives some great stats if you pre-order. WoW also has some items in the CE but the xpac still seems a ways off, next year. I usually get a CE for my birthday every year. Next week is my birthday so I am thinking EQ2 as the xpac is close and I do want the pre-order pet.

I haven't gotten around to doing a post on SWTOR's new expansion, Onslaught. It is very quick for the story but I enjoyed it. There were changes to lower companion power and it makes it a bit of a slog through some content, not a fan of that so I haven't played much since finishing the story and hotting the cap, which go hand in hand. Overall it is worth subbing for if you like the story, past that it seems a bit light on content but maybe I just missed some stuff. There are a few returning companions, all of which anyone can add to their roster regardless of class, which is awesome.

Lots of big news with some sad news Brad McQuaid passes away last week, which was very sad to hear. He had such a hand at this genre that we love, he had his moments, ups and downs but he was a huge impact on how we game online, I was shocked to hear the news. I hope that Pantheon, his latest project is able to still move forward in spite of this loss.  Also Matt McDonald passed just days later, he worked on EverQuest and Vanguard as an animator and modeler. Big losses this month, such sad news.

That's it for today, I have just been SO busy lately and not had much time to post. Thanks for stopping in over the last ten years here!


  1. Grats on ten years!

    The EQ2 Dragon Attack event is the best large open-world event I've seen in an MMO since the pre-Legion events in WoW. Usually these things lose steam after a week or so but there are still big crowds for every dragon on my main server, Skyfire. The crafting event is also goinf well, even though it doesn't really give much in the way of rewards. The whole thing is really well designed.

    I'm in the Test channel even though I rarely play on Test and they were doing dragons at the start but the core people there are also testing beta and doing the wiki stuff so they're really stretched thin. I played on Test for nearly five years and I remember how tough it is to get anything done that needs more than a handful of people.

    1. Thanks! I may need to log onto live servers to give it a go. I'm in Heroes of Test but I play so late I always miss when most of them are on, lol. They are a stellar bunch, love test server. I wonder if the Free Trade server is doing well with the event, that's where I last was playing mainly, have not logged into AB seriously in years. I'll have to pick one to try out for the event, lol.

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