Saturday, September 15, 2018

More Catching Up!

So much to talk about, so little time these days. Or when I do have time, I totally goof off. I have a good hour tonight to jot down some words! We've been busy with lots of family visiting over the past few months and this week I found my father almost unresponsive at his house, but he's alright. My last living grandparent died recently, my grandmother. So when I do sit down at the computer I just want to get lost in a game, lol. I have been trying to get some levels in WoW but that just hasn't been easy...

Mostly because I keep playing up alts to 110 to see how I like them at that level. I never make things easy. There's the easy way and then there is my way it seems, lol. My son and I decided to swap over to our Horde characters, which is neat. I like both sides, lots of great places to level. The warlock is by far the most laid back and melt faces class of them all. I really like this expansion so far, there is plenty to do. I don't care for some of the class changes though and sometimes it causes me to log into another class and then another and so on. Finally I think I will settle with the warlock for now, it is a solid class. Not much else to report about the expansion except I am playing and really loving the new content!

EQ2 has the days of summer event, which I have not even touched. On top of that there is the expansion prelude event. I made an alt and need to either level it up or stop goofing around, whichever it is I will get around to doing these things over the weekend. It's good to see neat stuff happening and felt great to log back in last night. Good on the EQ2 team for all the work to keep the ball rolling and it is awesome to see a new expansion heading our way this fall!

Speaking of the EverQuest franchise, we're still subbed and playing (which allows me to play on the EQ2 Free Trade subscription server as well) EverQuest. Dire and I made a new duo on another server, which I think I mentioned in my last post. A very light load on the server, which is fine. It has been a blast to loot gear and quest for it and actually use it. I cannot remember the last time we did that, maybe 2003/4 era. Great to be playing with him, I think we're finally into our 30's with a light bit of playing here and there. Mercs are great for us, they allow us to do so much more than we were able years ago. EverQuest is the only computer game he is playing these days. I think he is burnt out on MMO games in general, especially, with so many games changing things, like WoW. I do hope one of these days he will return to WoW, for now it's good to have him in Norrath with me.

I've also been dabbling in games in the tablet. There are so many MMORPG games to pick from, solid titles like the Adventure Quest MMO, Villagers and Heroes, Jade Dynasty (!) and Dragon Nest. I play on my tablet, but Aura Kingdom won't run on it, so I will have to play that on my phone. There are a lot of neat games to take with you, so this is all good stuff. Nice before bed to play a little bit.

On a sad note, I know everyone who cares has heard Wildstar is sun setting. I hate to see any MMO sunset. I saw Massively had an article how the game should be shut down, or something of that nature. Which I think is such a pissy thing to say. It didn't cater to the correct crowd and it was the management that is to blame. The game attracted the opposite of what it was designed for. It was/is a unique and wonderful game that went into the wrong direction and stagnated. In my opinion one of the most fun and rather unique feeling gaming experiences I have had and I actually leveled to the cap. I occasionally log in and run around, I will miss it. I just wish it had not been so mismanaged, it had such potential. 

With every game that shuts down, the industry gets a little bit more stagnated and we all lose out. That's it for today. Wish me luck on leveling! 


  1. MassivelyOP seem to hate MMOs in general. I no longer read opinion pieces there because the opinion is always negative. They have attracted a readership that seems to consist largely of those people you hear mouthing off in general chat in games about either how nothing is as good as it used to be or how bored they are with the game they are playing. I always turn chat off or move to another zone when people like that are dominating the conversation. I doubt many people who actively enjoy MMOs bother to read about them anyway - mostly they seem to be the people who pipe up in chat every time there's a patch, asking what's going on and why something's changed.

    I didn't know Dragon Nest played on tablets. I need to look into that!

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