Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Getting Settled

A busy couple of months it has been. I have tried to sit down a handful of times to get a post out but I have just been tired or time has just been too thin. Moving always takes a toll, then there is the period of getting back into a schedule and just feeling situated in a new place. I'm getting there. The move took a bit on me physically, I was exhausted for a couple of weeks, pushing myself. It is our first home that belongs to us, so it will be nice to finally settle down. It is exciting and comforting. For the first few weeks I didn't do much besides but unpack and set things up, lots of cleaning, a few unexpected repairs. Finally we feel more situated. Family came and visited which was nice, but tiring as well, and then I smashed my phone. But all is well and we got that fixed up, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We have been very blessed!

Finally I feel more situated to play my games more. We have a cool little set up with an office/computer room and slowly I am making it the cool room I can stow all our nerdy stuff. Lots of posters and I finally got another keyboard. A mouse I don't always have trouble replacing because they break and you really just have to quite often, a keyboard I get attached to. I cannot even remember how old the keyboard is that I have been using, the keys have worn off in many places and I have had it so long my fingers have worn the keys down and my nails have left grooves in the keys. They're not super long, just sharp... lol. Anyhow, it is so nice to have a keyboard that I like better. The keys feel good (and not loud, I hate loud keys) it lights up in pretty rainbow colors and it has those sound buttons I love so much.

My son took a pic while I wasn't looking...
Some other RL stuff to ramble on about, I've also found that I absolutely love Rick and Morty. Something I always pushed aside as something I wasn't interested in. If you can get past the crudeness it really is a brilliant show. For my son's birthday we grabbed him some Rick and Morty and also a PSVR, everyone chipped in to get him one, he was over the moon. So I have been checking out the VR games. They really are cool and I can see the attraction to VR. They do make my eyes a bit tired but overall it is quite neat. Trying Skyrim out with it was really something, the nausea after my first try wasn't so hot. There are lots of cool casual type games. It really isn't my thing but he just loves it. Dire upgraded his machine and is having a blast, we're making a return to EQ together with some alts soon. For now he's really hooked on Grim Dawn. He thinks it is so pretty with things turned up, or something like that, more manly like.

For me it is just whatever I feel interested in that day. Nothing fresh and new is going on. There is the Rift Prime server but I am pretty attached to all my cool stuff on live, mounts and dimensions and so on. I am having a lot of fun with the carnival going on now, I do every year though! Also playing an alt through old content is quite enjoyable and more fun than I thought it would be. Oh, and thank you TRION for not making the amazing carnival mount not a lockbox mount! It is too cool, you guys rock, thanks for listening to us!

I am playing EQ2 with a little EQ on the side. EQ2 has so many events going on and overlapping lately, there is much to do. There is the new pet collection daily, which I can never resist. New alts in EQ are always calling. There is plenty of cool stuff to do with a grand celebration as EverQuest is 19 this year! One year older than my daughter (happy birthday my baby girl). My how time does fly. It is still a robust and massive game with so much content, so many zones and things to complete, it could take a lot of time to experience it all. Still... I keep saying it.. but they (the marvelous EQ team) are still putting out an expansion a year, which makes a lot of newer games look a bit scrawny on the content side.

Dire and I are taking a break from WoW maybe until the BFA expansion hits. Still an enjoyable game but sometimes a break is needed sooner than later. We'll probably pop in sooner if there is some content going on leading up to the expansion, I hope so! There is also GW2 and SWTOR which I still have been keeping thumbs on, but that is certainly a post for another day.

Hopefully I can get back to jotting down my thoughts and adventures on a more regular basis. Safe adventures and thanks for stopping by the dusty ol' blog!


A RL screenshot. Probably my favorite room, all the windows.

A balloon mount?! RIFT ON!

New pony pet from the carnival this year.

Exploring old haunts, literally!

Hunting for baloon guys to pop!

A beautiful Rift in the background.
My carnival/celebration themed dimension.

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