Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hopping About

Not much new this year with the MMO scene still. I have been working on the house a lot and hating the cold weather. Besides that, I have been hopping around games a bit. There are a few prospects for things to try out this spring, nothing new that I can think of and the WoW expansion is still a ways off. In March Trion is releasing the new Rift server, with a classic twist. Then in April Agnarr unlocks PoP. My poor little barbarian beastlord can leave the cold snowdrifts of Halas and head to Freeport. Travel will be so nice.

Until then I am still popping in on WoW. I think I got a bit jaded about unlocking the other Allied Races. I didn't feel like it, with enough to do IRL, I don't want to spend my game time playing towards what I want to be playing. So I haven't logged in as much. Dire is still playing, farming mounts all the time. He has dedication, I'll give him that. Watching him fly around looking for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake makes me cringe, it was given the name for a reason. We never ended up making alts together with the new race we unlocked, he was too busy with farming the holiday event and leveling characters up to do it since the level requirement changed for the mount drop. I kind of think the game gets a bit too forceful with directions and choices these days. But I am still playing and hope to get around to unlocking another allied race in time.

EQ2 had another lovely event around the Valentine holiday, Erollisi Day. There was a cool new outfit to grab with candies and notes. Some great housing item editions too. I messed about quite a lot with it and then got sucked into housing. I also gained my first ever housing Hall of Fame achievement and trophy. I didn't expect that, a real surprise there. I need to finish the expansion story line. I have gotten stuck in an instance that is quite long and keep having to stop in the middle, then I get back to it by the time it has reset. I just am not a huge fan of the Sol Ro Tower Instance I suppose. I love it in the first EverQuest, but it is an open zone there. The new Tradeskill timeline has been released and it looks really daunting, I don't know if I am really up for it anytime soon. There is also a new familiar quest which EQ2TC has the rundown on, looks like a nice way to collect familiars.

I have been playing a bit of GW2, working through the story. Last time I was trying to get through the PoF story it was giving me random disconnects, this time things seem to be smoothed out. I also managed to get my jackal mount. I want to work on the griffon, that required the story to be finished up. Between playing alts and working that it will take some time. I love the older zones in GW2, they are so beautiful and have a better feeling with mob density, I often find myself heading to those zones for a break from the thickly packed expansion. That's about it for today, hopefully more next week, as I have family visiting soon. Safe adventures! 

This is where GW2 shines, in the events and open world.

Jackal mount.

Working on the story with the ranger.

Heading to PoF with one of my other characters.

The revenant 'spec' is tons of fun on the Necromancer.

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