Monday, October 2, 2017


Got my Halloween garb on, my spooky scary skeleton least until this year's stuff rolls around!

October is here! That means tons of cool stuff heading to many games. EQ2 and GW2 always go all out with nonstop stuff to do. Rift has a nifty list of things to check off like achievements, goodies to collect and,  if I recall, a fun instant adventure. WoW has the tried and true headless horseman  instance (all your alts can do even the lowbies, yay), trick or treating and a lot of other stuff has been added over the years. Wildstar has a fabulous event that I urge everyone to poke in and see, they really steal the scene with the spooky decor!

I suppose whichever hits first is what I'll dive into right away. I can't wait. There are also several other games I always strive to join in yearly and don't always get to. Like LoTRO which has a great event too, I must try to make time this year to at least visit the haunted house, it is so charming. I think DUCO has the first event out thus far. Oh I LOVE Halloween/fall events in MMO games, I could gush on about them all day, lol.

I can't wait for Christmas events either...

Until Halloween stuff hits I'm mostly working on an alt I have in Rift that I play for just questing through all the old content, which is very relaxing. I don't really do IA's on her as I mostly want to play through all the content and unlock as much as I can, as I did a lot of IA's in the past with most of my characters. It's fun and I am playing a mage as a necromancer, I have like three... But I wanted to start over fresh, made her awhile back and just play her when I want to relax. Glad to be back home to Rift, I have also been working on dimension decor and finally crafted the Wyrd Hut dimension, it is so awesome. Oh and we're getting more room in dimensions with an upped item limit and lowered cost on adding more room! Woot!

I plan on trying a few spooky games this month, maybe getting back into FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's), which I am terrible at because I get so spooked, lol. I also want to play through Slender: The Arrival, by Blue Isle Studios, it looks just the right amount of creepy and cool. And I should pick back up on the Secret World Legends, that is the ultimate Halloween game. Oh, I think I just may need to log in tonight to get that Halloween vibe started. My house is already decorated IRL, lol.

I slowed down with GW2, I had a the game boot me and kick me out of a long chunk of the story- at the end!!!- and I did not feel like doing it again right away. I'll get to it sooner or later. I love the mounts, they are so fluid, I can't wait to see more skins! I also went out and found all the new ranger pets, I think there were five, some nice new looks. They were all very easy to get compared to some of the HoT pets.I can't wait to run the maze for Hallow's Eve, I will be back on and back in the saddle soon enough.

In EQ2 if you missed the nine week Summer Event, good news, the Panda, Yum Zi, and his quests are a permanent part of the game. Lots of rewards waiting, they are all account wide. I finally got my Mara Estate Home! I have so much to do there, I only have scratched the surface.. I will share some pics soon, maybe after I get through this month.

Dire is playing EverQuest again. I need to log on and join him, I just don't know who I want to play... Isn't that always the case. Depending on the amount of MMO Halloween Event consumption... I may not be heard from for several weeks. Safe adventures, boils and ghouls!


  1. That crash at the final story instance is a fairly common bug apparently. I was dreading it when I was at that point but fortunately I made it to the end. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to go through it again. I hate almost every instanced boss fight there's ever been in GW2.

  2. I thought I had gotten off easy, missing any disconnects, bam, at the end it does it. I may wait to see if it gets a fix if it's a known bug! That was a slow painful fight, lol

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