Thursday, October 5, 2017

Eye Candy

Sharing some of my favorite screens this week from Rift, GW2, SWTOR & SWL

Some really beautiful views in Rift.

Going back and hunting for artifacts.

A foggy day in GW2.

The detail in the PoF expansion is just lovely.

Kormir's Library.

Wandering around.

Such a lovely little spot to complete a heart, love how we can do them over and over, wish the old world was like this.

I love to revisit favorite places, the heart objectives as daily content is a real great idea.

Cruising around on one of my mounts

Lots of cool cutscenes.

Doing some daily stuff in SWTOR. New stuff coming out soon, can't wait.

I did manage to play some SWL, very much the Halloween vibe I was looking for!

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