Monday, September 18, 2017

Bopping Around The Universe

SWTOR recently released the Crisis on Umbara update. I noted it but it sort of  ended up slipping by me, I wasn't sure if it was just group content or more of the story. Finally logging in over this past weekend I got to check it out. Turns out it is continuation of the current story, it can be played solo which means you get Theron and Lana tagging along with you though this flashpoint. It can also be played as a group.

What is wrong with you guys, wake up! Bugged companions laying on the ground instead of standing, pretty funny.

SWTOR these days is one of those games that is great for me to jump in and pick up so easily. I don't feel I have tons of catching up to do if I was away for a month. I suppose that is why it is one of the games I always keep up with these days. So jumping back in this time, it was only a flashpoint, leading through more of the story, we do find out who is the traitor to the alliance. No spoilers here, I was pretty surprised who it turned out to be, but I had unfortunately read it on the forums not knowing it was a spoiler thread, before ever logging in. I look forward to getting more story, it is one of the best parts of the game. I was really surprised at this twist, it really made me like it all the more because I didn't see it coming at all.

Choo-choo! We're on a train!

After playing through this part I ended up playing it all weekend. I am playing around on some alts and hopping back and forth on my mains, one on each faction. Even if I hop around I am getting stuff done on each character and enjoying it as well. It is good to be back, one of my favorite games that I often miss while I am away.

A favorite mount upon getting flying in Outland, a gift from my son several years ago.

In WoW I am still playing on the new server. XP is flowing in and I enjoy going through the old zones, I know the fun will start to fade the closer to the cap I get, so just taking it slow. I just do not look forward to everything I will have to do, like unlocking flying. Sooner than later I am sure these characters, a new mage and deathknight, will just end up gathering dust much like the rest of my characters. I just can't stomach all the hoops that are needed to move forward through the expansion. The old content seems so laid back and classic, I miss the old days when there were not layers upon layers of catching up.

In other games, I want to play the new expansion in GW2, not sure if I will pick it up right away. Still debating that, I never hold out very long so it probably won't take long, heh. And I am still going through the weekly events in EQ2 for the summer goodies. Other than that I am waiting around for Halloween to roll around, one of my favorite times to play EQ2. I completely dropped Rift awhile back. The quest Maze of Steel gave me so many issues and I just said forget it, I don't have time to waste on a buggy solo instance that is blocking all my daily quests. Completely disgusted with it, which really made me sad because I love(ed) Rift.

I prefer ease of jumping in and having my fun in MMO games with the daily grind. I don't have many friends that play the same games as I do so being able to still participate without being penalized for taking a break or just being a solo type player in doing general daily content means a lot to me. These days that is what I look for in a game, one where I can get in and get playing and participating without being forced to do activities that gate progress, things I don't feel like doing.

Dire has been asking me what he should play, I thought maybe he would pick back up on Age of Conan because he said he missed playing it. He was always a huge fan of the books and for him it was neat seeing the world in a game setting. I hopped in for a few days last week and played through Tortage for kicks. There are still a decent amount of players around on the PvE server. The game still is fun and has a lot of charm even if it is on cruise control with no real new content in the future. Dire never ended up following suit and playing it too, which I was surprised. I think maybe it is time to start up a new duo in EverQuest or pick up some old characters and dust them off. EverQuest is always a game he has a hard time resisting. He's getting pretty bored in D3. I wish he would have liked SWTOR more, that is a great game for a duo. We shall see where we end up.

That's it for today, safe adventures wherever they may take you!


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