Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Appreciation (Rift, EQ2)

Expansion time is in the air! In just a few days GW2 will release PoF, mounts and getting to go to Elona sounds really cool. I mean who would have thought GW2 would add mounts?! I guess someone was listening! EQ2 just released information on the upcoming expansion, which will takes us to PoP (Planes of Power). Very exciting, I wonder how this will compare to the original EQ's PoP? That is a tough one to stand up against, one of my all time favorite expansions, but I think it sounds really great.

Speaking of EverQuest 2, if you have not started the Days of Summer event you have the rest of this week and next week to catch up. From what I understand the merchant will stick around awhile but the quest may not. This is a really great event and I really appreciated the devs adding in this stuff. Some fantastic gear, house items and other bits and bobs you don't want to miss out on. Believe me, you'll kick yourself for missing out on a sweet Mara Estate deed! Kunark Ascending is also half off now and there is a prelude event for the upcoming expansion. Lots of cool stuff, I really can't wait to see how this expansion turns out. It seems the team has seen that there is a need for catch-up mechanics and some of us need a bit more help in this department, so I hope to see the game and expansions continue (with this) to feel accessible and enjoyable! I can say it made me run back with open arms and pick up that alt I had wished I had picked as a main. The Epic 2.0 is not needed for this expansion, as stated on the forums by Kander recently, for those wondering, there will be something for those that do have it.

Rift updated the Maze of Steel quest today! THANK YOU Rift Team!! I am so happy, I hopped on and finished it the first try. I started a forum thread on the quest a few weeks ago, which ended up with mixed replies and around six pages, also another player posted some bugs they encountered in another recent post-- I am so glad feedback was taken into account. Now I am so excited to log back in and start my daily quests!

It is always a good day when you feel you're not just screaming in the wind and someone is actually listening ;) Thanks to those developers and staff that listen to us, take feedback in account and for fixing things, all the tweaks, all the fun stuff, all the boring stuff. We like to complain a lot, us players, but we appreciate what you do. We love these wonderful worlds your teams create and maintain. Thank you.

Some of my favorite shots from this week below. Safe adventures to you!

EQ2 pets and familiars always amuse me. Awww... the cow loves the dolly.

Decorating an acorn house in EQ2, so much fun.

Taking a rest.

I love temples in SWTOR.


Attack! Guys?...

Temple ruins, I think we're lost, let me check...

Photobomb.... My droid helper was a little enthusiastic.


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