Sunday, June 11, 2017

ESO Eye Candy

Some shots today from ESO. All my screenshots use ReShade, for a more vibrant look. If you want to use my settings you can download the file here.  Enjoy the screens!

Loyal bear follows me everywhere.

Wishing I could take a cool dip in that water!

Little nooks and crannies to explore and drink in are all over.

Sometimes this game's scenery reminds me of Vanguard, with the large structures and unique looking areas.

I wouldn't mind having an apartment there.

I stop to take shots way, way too much.

Love this city and the architecture. 

From a ways off, so very beautiful.

The lovely scenery makes me wish I had a fishing pole to whip out and stay for awhile, I really should buy one.

A new little friend, this desert fox dog. I forget what he is called, but he is adorable even if he kills mice, lol.

Hrmm... maybe I shouldn't be here.

Love the forest and the trees.

Completing a quest chain, which always seem to fly by so quickly when I start enjoying them.

A deer in the background. 
Trudging through the marsh.

What's an adventure without some caverns and wet sewers to traipse through?

Even bear likes to stoop and smell the roses.

Killing a big sea serpent.

Ohhh! An initiation to a super secret guild!

I am having a blast in ESO, so much to do and see. It has been very enjoyable being back!


  1. I'll give ESO credit for at least one thing - it's a beautiful game with an engine that not only looks good but is well optimized. I really do like the look of ESO.

    1. Hey, Jay! It is very beautiful! One of my favorite games to roam around in and just soak in all the scenery.

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