Friday, June 23, 2017

Adventure Log: GW2, ESO, EQ

Things are going pretty well in ESO, I have been messing about with Morrowind mostly with some other exploration on the side. The main story line awards some cool cosmetics, which was a neat surprise, as well as a lot of cool things to check out, lots of quests to follow around. Lots to do, lots to see.

I think what I appreciate about the game the most these days is that I can literally go anywhere I want, on any faction and quest. It is quite a breath of fresh air. I even went and picked up some cool rewards along the way, cosmetic items such as the skeleton illusion. I like that I can just go out and adventure! It reminds me a lot of the feeling GW2 has, except you can scale up to zones instead of just down. The new warden class is great too, I do wish the bear pet was more of a tank for grabbing aggro, it is so so. And the combat, while I don't hate it, I don't love it. I think that is really my only dislike of anything in the game, I get tired of kiting things I suppose, I always seem to go magic and then end up kiting, lol.

Overall it has been great with plenty of places to explore, surprises along the way and nothing but good fun. Overall the game offers a lot of things we have come to get used to in many MMO games like mounts, housing, crafting and son on. All the things you have come to know and expect in an MMO, for the most part, but with neat little things like stealing and contracts for killing which add a lot of flavor! I even managed to become a vampire, such a unique thing in an MMO anymore. I get lost in the beautiful scenery, it is such a cool game.

Which made me feel like checking into GW2 to pop in and compare the two. And I have been feeling like playing, so why not! GW2 is very beautiful as well, like a painting. I love to wander around completing maps, filling up hearts, looking for little places to explore. My favorite areas are the Ascalon areas, they remind me of the first game, the colors and setting just really draw me in. I had to go back there this time, which I loved just as much as the first time. I decided to play around on some alts though the original content then I picked up on my ranger who has been getting dusty for years. I forgot just how much fun the class is. I love it and since I am creeping up to the cap and getting closer I do hope to try out the new druid specialization eventually, it looks pretty neat. I really like the pets, they seem better than ever. They snap up aggro and tank very well, love it.

My favorite things about the game are all the hearts and events popping up. You may run across an event and it is so easy to get caught up and really enjoy it. I love that dynamic aspect, how all these activities pop up and there is so much to always do with them. I do miss having a mount and I tend to play classes that have speed boosts. Rumor is that there are mounts in the expansion this fall. That would be so great but we'll have to see. Both of these games are great to pop back into and just pick up and have at it. Maybe GW2 even more so because of the ongoing events around the world, an explorers dream.

In the more traditional route of MMOs we're still playing EQ together, Dire and I. We hit 79 last night and have been doing a lot of the daily missions which you pick up in Plane of Knowledge. These have been in the game for a good while, but I think the daily part must be rather new. We like them because they are much different than most of what we do. You complete objectives for these. When used with lesson of the devoted /veteran reward they do award about a level currently. Which is really great xp. it is laid back and fun to do together. I want to pick back up on the TLP server soon, just have not had the time lately.

EQ2 has a TLP server coming out next week, which I will be starting on. More on that next week when I play though it some, probably a necromancer, most definitely a necromancer. I have never played on one seriously, there are some nice rewards for it on the normal servers and it is a nice change of pace. I think it is what I need in EQ2. Also SWTOR has the casino nightlife event going, time to blow some credits there! Not a ton of new stuff this summer but there is plenty of stuff to do. Have a great weekend, safe travels wherever your adventure takes you!



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