Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eye Candy: Tree Houses and Fluff

Some shots from Rift and GW2 today. Some events and some decor. Enjoy!

I call this dimension, in Rift. Heart of The Forest. I have always wanted a house that was a giant tree. The SFP faction items made this a bit easier with some giant trees. It is one of my favorite dims I have worked on.

From another angle to show off some of the pretty fairy houses.

A fairly small dimension but it fits what I needed it for.

Some of the little details on the outside. I still will add a few finishing touches, but it will have to wait until I get some items I need from the summer event.

Heading inside, which leads upstairs.

Coming up the stairs.

A quaint little area to warm up after a adventuring.

From the entrance.

Why did I eat those magic fries? One bite and I ballooned up!

One of my favorite views outside Meridian.

My son and I in the SAB area.

He decided to help me get some tokens!

Look what I got! I can play my SAB music ANYWHERE!! Love it!

Sun behind the trees, Rift.

Rift in the distance there.

The parade!

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