Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Eggs And Standing On Chairs...

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. I poked into EQ2 after hearing there was an egg hunt, which was great. I had a lot of fun, then I realized you could talk to guards to find them, which made it a lot faster, and then before I know it I had them all. You get a title and five pets, really was happy to see something fresh and fun this year! These little guys sure are cute. Nice work EQ2 team!!

I had the urge to play something engaging, thus I had the idea to make a new character is SWTOR. I ended up with an Imperial Agent, which I like a lot. Tomorrow new content comes out which I want to dive into, but I also feel like playing my Agent up to that point. It wouldn't be bad really. Things roll along quite smoothly and before you know it you have all these levels under your belt. 

I really like the IA story, it has some twists I did not expect. The companions are interesting and I find I like them more than some on my Consular. I seem to like Imperial companions as a whole, more so than republic, mostly. I don't know why that is. I still have many class stories to play through though. I love the story aspect of the game, it is always moving forward and you move along with it where it takes you. It is a nice change from kill ten rats.

When the story runs out, hopefully the new stuff that is being added in will keep me interested for awhile. I still play on and off, it is a game I really have come to call one of my constants, one I check in for all updates and play new and old characters on a regular basis. While the game isn't perfect, it does feel polished and looks so nice still. The world isn't my usual fantasy setting but it is something that I have known since being a child loving the movies, thus it feels familiar, the music, the world, the characters.

Another thing I really like about TOR is that it feels like I continue with each new addition to the game. Where in games like WoW, I keep getting reset. I lose my garrison, my flying ability, little things like that making me work for them all over again and again. Or towards something I don't even care about, such as a class hall. In SWTOR, I still have my ship(s), which I love! I still have my companions, even if they go away for a little while, not for long (if I choose to unlock them early I can). I also like that the world scales. I did not think I would like this at all. Daily quests send me back to old places I loved thus making it really cool in my eyes. I wish WoW would do that, it would be so refreshing. I doubt they do, I sure loved the whole pre-expac invasion thing, imagine if they added in world quests to old zones. Well. I'd have fun at least, lol.

That's it for today! Safe adventures!

Feels like an 80's shopping mall...

Robot disguise, first thing I do is /dance.

Taking this new mount for a romp .

Seriously guys? Why are you standing in those? You SIT in the chairs... Ok, maybe everything isn't polished but I found this oddly hilarious, given their personalities.
Sky above Taris.


  1. I didn't get very far in SWTOR during my brief foray into it. But I did get far enough to see that I did find the stories really intriguing. I got nowhere near the level for new content, but the idea of things not being reset like they are in WoW is rather appealing. And your screenshots are always lovely!

    1. Thank you! You take some really beautiful shots as well!

      SWTOR is great for story, you can join in with friends too, which makes it great. It took a few tries of different classes for the game to really resonate with me. I wish I had stuck with it at launch more so than I did, but it is still a really cool game now, just different. The companion changes make it a lot easier to solo and duo these days, I think that was a big issue with me back then.

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