Friday, March 3, 2017

Revelation Online- Early Access

Ahhh! That new game smell! That new and fresh world to explore, there really is nothing like it. Or is that just me? Revelation Online is in early access this week and I thought I would post up some of my first impressions. I'll go into different areas to touch on, not a true review as I have only played up to 29.

The ascetics of Revelation Online remind me of Blade & Soul and Riders of Icarus. I am not sure when development actually started, I read on a wiki around 2005, I do not know how accurate that is. The visuals are not bad, but may not appeal to someone looking for the newest looking graphics. For me I thought they were charming and pretty, then again I think EQ2 and WoW are still beautiful games in their own aspects, as old as they are. I even still long for the beautiful lands in Vanguard SoH... (I'm actually listening to the VGSOH Soundtrack as I write this). But anyway, it has charm, some beautiful areas, tons of little bits of details, from the clothing you wear to the whimsical characters in the game.

Who is this dude?

The game has a whimsical feel in many aspects. It has a very strong Eastern feel, coming from I wasn't sure as Allods is Russian. I suppose that is just the publisher. Anyhow, it has a fast way of taking you through the game the first 29 levels. You meet story characters who sometimes travel along with you instead of running from hub to hub, which I found myself getting sucked into the story without realizing it. It always feels like more of an adventure when you have characters that go along through the story with you.

The classes feel interesting, no true pet classes, sadly. While the gunslinger gets robots, I have read they only last around thirty seconds. They (gunslingers) also can turn into Optimus Prime, according to another website. The spiritshaper gets a little shoulder pet type that has different looks you can change out. What started out for me as a butterfly is now a portly, little fish that floats around me. I have not played extensively with many of the classes but I did like the control scheme choices for the game. Classic like WoW, EQ2 and Rift, then there is action and also click to move.

All we seem to do is drink! Stop making me carry all the booze, Akuta!
There are neat little bits to the game like getting a panda or kitty for your head as fashion, or perhaps a tiny bear to hang onto your belt. Love those little things. You get a horse in the game, no cost, which is refreshing. I remember trying Aion out again last year and I didn't have a mount, I had to buy one in the cash shop if I wanted one, ugh. You also get wings going through the story. While they are massive, they are beautiful. I do hope to see many different kinds of wings, smaller ones as well! Oh, and there are class mounts at level 69, these can all fly as well. That is sweet!

Housing is part of the game, though I do not know if it is available currently in this build. It is accessible at level 40 I have read, maybe soon if it is not here. Apparently it is an apartment on a giant turtle in an inn. Sounds cool, I love housing so it will be nice to see that. Pets are a yes too, cosmetic, though I am not sure they are added in yet either. But it is good to know that they will arrive in time even if they are not here now. Class mounts do seem to be, or so the official website lists them currently.

Are there any cons? Things like my spiritshaper seems to swivel like a top when she casts some spells, off axis, very unnaturally. Is that intentional? It just looks so weird. It is a theme park, leveling very quickly through the story with minimal combat. The game is more of the same that we know, though I think many things are done better than it's competition. There is the Road to Greatness system offering daily quests and weekly stuff, which is nice to offer different things, though I have not done much with it, that could bump the sameness down a notch if it is a variety of stuff to do. There is also the auto-pathing system, which I like, but may seem a con if you don't like that sort of thing. Some of the graphics seem dated. The clothing for females is a bit... Well let's just say you see a lot of panties and behinds while wearing it. Not all of it, but some I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing for unwanted attention-- Which does still happen in games today-- hey, I just had someone randomly sending me tells because they thought my character was hot in EQ2. Some races are worse than others. But the game overall it does feel as if it has some depth to it, not as confusing as some Eastern game systems and it is pretty easy to get in and get started with. Alt replay-ability may be a bit daunting though. It might be too much of more of the same for some, but it did not feel quite as dull as RoI did after awhile. There are goals to work towards, cool stuff to look forward to.

It has enough cute stuff to give it some flair, some pretty scenes, offers an ease to get into. The story is interesting, I like the characters. Lots of people are playing it right now and it offers three servers currently. The character models look nice and offer a bit of customization and shaping the face and body, changing the colors of tattoos and makeup, hair and so on.

I am not sure if it could be my main game, for now, but I am surely enjoying it enough to keep playing it. Here is to looking forward to my class mount and one day even having my own little apartment! It is a game that feels welcoming, offering you little things to get you to feel as if you are part of the world. Wings and mounts, making travel easier and faster, are integrated into the main questline naturally instead of flashing at you from a pricey cash shop window. You feel as if the basics are covered and you don't feel left out. That is a good first impression. Overall it feels solid, nice control options, looks pretty, much of the same ol' same ol' though, could be considered generic, but it still has a lot of it's own style and flair.

Tons of gorgeous shots to share! Have a great weekend.

You get your first taste of wings around level ten or so, then you get your main pair at level 29.

Pretty scenes to travel though. I LOVE night in this game, the sky is so beautiful.

Maybe I should have taken the panda hat....

This random guy chose the cow hat.

Akuta with guns blazing. Sometimes the NPCs do help with combat, which is cool, more realistic.

Moving along the quest line.

Thanks for helping us, Hero!

Gotta have boats in a proper MMO.

Get up, it is time to quest!

Peeping Tom, that Akuta... He is so anime looking too, which was neat.

Stopping to smell the flowers.



...Pretty places!


  1. I'm waiting for Open Beta to start on Monday. I will definitely play for a while although I very much doubt I'll hang around for long. i agree with just about everything you posted - if I had no other MMOs to play then this one would do a good job of keeping me occupied but as it is, there are plenty of others that will do the job better. I'm glad I didn't go too far in the Closed Beta because I can see from your screenshots that I'm going to be going through the exact same content again.

    1. I liked your impressions on closed beta, I figured it was worth a try. I should have waited but I intrigued and love the excitement of a new world, lol. What got me was that it seemed to lack the paywalls or grind aspect so many new games seem to tack into everything fun. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts after release.

  2. I very much doubt I'll hang around for long. i agree with just about everything you posted - if I had no other MMOs to play then this one would do a good job of keeping me occupied

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