Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dusting Things Off

It has been awhile since I have gotten around to a post! Just lots going on, a funeral to attend, doctor appointments and just being exhausted from traveling for the funeral. Dire's grandfather passed away :( We're back and settled back in now, so I wanted to get a post up before February is gone!

Mostly this month I have been playing WoW, but the Valentine event in EQ2 is always one of my favorites, so I got sucked in with that. There is always something added to collect or aim for, which I look froward to each year. Then I ended up enjoying playing my necromancer and have been playing it a lot more lately. I might not like everything about the direction of EQ2 but it is still a game I love to play.

Mostly I have been working on some old faction, mentoring down so I still gain xp as I work on these. Dabbling with my housing too, I have a lot of houses to decorate across my characters so there is always plenty to do there. When I mostly play WoW I often miss housing, a place to craft, decorate, and just my own little place in the world. I have so many houses linked across my alts, something I should have done years ago, it keeps me with plenty of room to decorate.

In WoW I have been bouncing around on alts. Dire and I just seem to work on alts and world quests these days. None which really require we work together. I was thinking maybe a leveling team might be fun with a tank and healer to take through old content and just have fun with. I am stumped on who to focus on next really, I suppose that is why I keep bouncing around.

I am enjoying myself with WoW and EQ2, mostly goofing off on things I feel like doing, focusing on fun things. A nice way to relax overall. In my next article I will be writing a bit about Revelation Online. After I get some play under my belt. Quick post today, just wanted to jot down some thoughts, update the blog and share some screenshots.

A fun little toy from LoN loot cards, an ice-cream robot!

These wings came out for the Valentine event, LOVE THEM! I hate huge big wings that get in the way, these are perfect!

Decorating with some new toys.

My Forgotten Forest on AB, it is mostly a small place to craft and mess about with my items on the broker.

My little duck, he loves to go in this room. I think his pathing gets off and he gets stuck in here, lol.

Dual wielding necro! Thanks to the new wardrobe feature I can do it now, lol.

Valentine shot in WoW. I did not get the mount again this year. I didn't try all that hard either though...

Just a neat picture I took over Stormwind.

A mini holiday I took part in, nothing to write home about. I got a bird to sit on my shoulder for five days, which counted being logged out too. 

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