Thursday, March 23, 2017

Get Off The Counter Edition

My little pet from Rift, he just won't stay off the counter! I sent this picture to my son and asked him to please get the ferret off the counter. I hear footsteps head down the hall... I was joking!! Yes, it is a real thing around here, much to Dire's disdain. 

This week I have been goofing off in Rift and LoTRO, with a side of WoW mostly. I really like Rift a lot, and cannot wait for the patch to hit. I am a bit disappointed the new zone won't make it in with this patch, but it isn't a huge deal. There is a lot of neat stuff heading our way, you can check out out here on the forums. For now I am happily shiny hunting, collecting crafting materials, and enjoying wandering around the beauty that is Rift. If Rift is anything, it is really pretty with the graphics turned up.

So, lots of shiny collecting, which I rather like, it is relaxing and nostalgic as I pass through old zones. Which is why I still love instant adventures, going back to old places with a purpose. I think many games should start to consider the nostalgia card for events and content. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Anyhow, it is pretty fun and relaxing.

I also decided to poke back into LoTRO, which can be daunting. I thought it best to pick up on the last character I played. The bags, oh the bag issues. Even Bhagpuss has touched on this topic. I got them sorted out, though I think the last time I played I remember I had hit sell all and logged out. Selling items I did NOT want to sell. This time I stay far away from that button. I am just vendoring everything because I know if I start going to the broker/auctioneer I will just waste too much time and not clean things out of my inventory.

With the inventory issues cleared up it gives me time to explore and get to the business of adventuring. I usually log in every so often so I do not lose my house, but this time...oops. I must have missed the mark. I decided to go in search of a new home. I checked out the new premium homes, which are quite snazzy and large. And did I mention expensive. Can you get evicted from lack of logging in? That was iffy for a house paid with real money, so I passed and figured maybe another time. I managed to get myself another Bree sytle home, which was overlooking a pond. A tony little cozy place. It will do nicely for now. The new premium housing has freed up some space in the older areas, which was nice. I had my choice out a lot of nice spots.

Traveling in LoTRO is a real adventure. The maps stretch on and on. It is beautiful, riding my mount, just taking in all the little details out in the world. The game still looks beautiful. It is a real gem, especially if the models get a touch up, as I have heard rumor of. There is a lot to do, traveling takes time, combat feels old school and solid. It feels almost like going back in time. But I am so far behind it is daunting, there is so much to learn and catch up on. For now I just focus on enjoying the game.

It is one of those games I am so glad to be able to continue to play, so I always try to support it when I do play. I'm big on supporting games I love, even if I don't feel like subbing I will pick up something I can use or really want. I don't want to have to remember them in screenshots and videos as I do Vanguard: SoH.

I've been playing my captain, definitely a fun class. I love pet classes, this one is no exception. I have also been messing around with the music in the game, downloading files to play and it is always fun to just watch my character, or anyone else, play music in game. Such a unique aspect, more games need music systems of some type.

And last, but not least, WoW, where I have been leveling my DK next. I like unholy, a very cool weapon and not one-- but two-- pets! it is pretty durable and fun to play, so I hope to level it up to the cap soon. She is sitting at about 101. I think it may take over for my main on the Alliance side when I do get it there.

That's about it for today. Safe adventures!

The new housing area in LoTRO, very pretty.

Same old places, still so beautiful. 

Marshy area outside Bree.

Lone-lands at night.

Trying out my new lute on the cappy.

Playing some tunes.

Still on the counter... 

A new pet from a shiny collection, Kitty! He's so cute, all ghostly and glow-y eyes!

Playing around on an alt reminds me just how pretty Nightmare Tide is.

Collecting shinies in Storm Legion.

A pretty view I stumbled into while hunting for a shiny.

A scene that caught my eye.

My DK on the path to the cap.


  1. I'm really surprised by how much LotRO I've been playing since I patched it up and logged in a week or so back. I finally managed to clear two whole bags on each of the two characters I'm playing, partly by selling stuff I wouldn't normally sell and partly by mailing stuff to the two characters I'm not playing. I actually have an unused character slot so I could make a storage mule - I hate doing that because I always end up playing them but it might be worth trying.

    I'm astonished by just how BIG the world is. The maps are absolutely huge. It takes forever to get anywhere, even on the faster horse. Very three dimensional too, which makes them even bigger. The world is really lovely to look at - the character models not so much. Normally I'm not in favor of re-doing character models but this might be an exception.

    1. I thought that too, the world seems so huge and it takes time to travel, kind of nice. I really would love to see model revamps for the characters. It is a very extensive game with so much depth, I think that's why I always go back. I need to power through the lone-lands, I always get stuck there, lol.

      Hopefully this weekend I can push through and get to some areas I like better. There are some beautiful areas waiting beyond it, lol.

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