Saturday, March 18, 2017

Eye Candy-- 3/17

Random shots today from EQ2, WoW and Rift.

He looks to me and says, "Eighteen years later and I am still trying to get Fippy to stop storming those gates in Qeynos!"

Quillmane returns!

What I love about the portal event, besides goodies for my houses, is the adventure in going to so many different zones. 

Guk, this is one of the only portals that resembles a zone in the first Everquest, as they all are a nod to EverQuest's anniversary.

Ruuuuun... So I can take a screenshot before my merc kills it ..,

This is probably the most nostalgic zone from the Chronoportal event. The Ancient Cyclops, many hours wasted camping him... meh.

My Stranger Things Dimension in Rift. Love the show and I am working on creating some scenes.

Stranger Things, another angle.


Another dim in Rift.

Love my little tea party.

Resting in the moonlight.

A shot I took for a Rift contest on the forums.

Cool world boss in WoW.

Micro holiday in WoW. It was interesting... Not really worthwhile other than the fun aspect.

Annnd... I claimed a heroic char on one account in EQ so far. I went with a shadowknight. This mount is terrible, it gives me headaches due to the screen jumping.


  1. Yes, I hate that raptor mount too. Also I see you have your merc in the chrono instances. Mine vanished when I zoned into the first one and I did the whole series without him but the merc window stayed up, greyed out. I wondered if that was a bug - I guess it must have been.

    1. That happens when I log out, every time. I think they changed some coding how they work how. They had decided to implement where they suspend if you afk, five minutes or so. I don't know if it still happens, I don't use them a lot outside of dungeons lately. Probably had something to do with that. Wish they would leave things like that alone.




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