Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Memory Lane (WoW)

Off to Duskwood! Some shots of my travels on the rogue alt, down memory land... sort of. Lots has changed in Azeroth but much still stays the same, in a way. 

I don't remember you being here, in Moonbrook. Up close I still can't seem to see your face. Cataclysm changed so much but it all still has a familiar feel. So many memories with friends and family... It is never the same going back. I have so many high level characters I rarely play low level alts ever. Bittersweet.

After a vision it all becomes clear who the shadowy figure must be... As if I didn't know ;) 

And moving on to Redridge, all at a breakneck speed, like a crazy roller coaster of xp. I rather enjoy it.

Didn't I rescue you years ago? This is how you spend your days? Who knew Redridge had a fight club?

Ah, must be friends of good ol' John. He could have a whole fight club team here.

Finally got him out of the basement! What else are friends for?

Powering boats with fire! That's what! I sure hope he doesn't catch this wooden boat on fire.

Sneaking around has been fun, not really any need for it at this level, like there was years ago. Still fun adventures traveling through the zones, catching a whiff of nostalgia here and there. While it may seem fast I enjoy the tour, I already spent plenty of time in these zones back in the day. Where to visit next? I think I've out leveled the Wetlands already....sigh.

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