Monday, January 30, 2017

Time For The Alts

In WoW I have decided I may as well play up an alt or.. few. Which has proved to be quite fun.
My hunter is now my second 110. I'm glad I started picking up my alts again, it really wasn't as rough as I thought it would be in Legion.

Though on my other characters I don't take the Order Halls too seriously and do them as I get around to it. The Order Halls can be kind of demanding and needy at times, so I just don't worry as much with alts and it feels much more relaxing. In time I get around to what needs to be done.

I have gotten most of my characters their artifact weapons, lots of interesting quests. I am also dabbling around with a new baby rogue, we'll see where that takes me. So far it is a blast just going through older zones, even if the zones have changed some as have the quest. It still holds that nostalgia. Plus I like the rogue a lot and I have not played one for a long time.

My hunter is BST and will stay that spec as I found I like it a lot. I still do not like it as much as I liked in before Legion, but I do enjoy it more than I initially thought I did. I don't care much for changing my spec at the moment. I do love having two pets too, so cool. Hunters get a quest for an item to change the look of the second pet, Hati, to look like any of your other pets.

Leveling the hunter to 110 wasn't bad at all. I rather like the Legions for the most part. Some are better than others. It took me about a week, which I ended up also farming a camel mount and hunting for the new rare spirit beast, Lightning Paw. The new pet took about four days to find. It was really crazy, there are hunters everywhere camping for it. Finally found it on a Sunday evening, there was one other person in the zone, another Hunter afk.

Dire is playing again. We have not actually played together, lol. I'm hoping to play more together soon, maybe a dungeon, or some world quests. He hit 110 with his warrior over the weekend, not sure if he will work on another character next or keep chugging with this one.  He loves Fury spec so far, glad to see him enjoying it more than SWTOR. I am disappointed he did not like it as much as hoped. I think all the story was a bit much for him. It is easy to pick back up and start rolling in WoW, which I had been doing for the past few months, but not as much recently.

Legion has been quite a nice expansion, tons of things to do!The world quests are great, IMO. I had a chance to do the first micro holiday, it was interesting but nothing you'd really notice missing if you could not make it. Lots of people, it was fun in it's own way,  nostalgia and something different to do.

On another note, if you read this blog in a feed reader, like I do for those I read, you might not of noticed the blog has a fresh new look. I had the last look for quite a few years and felt like I wanted a change. I had been meaning to change things up for the last year, but I didn't know what I wanted. Everything is still there, just moved around for a cleaner look. I have been through a lot of looks over the years and things have come a long way. It is a hobby which I quite enjoy, sometimes more than others, heh. I am sure it won't be the last look I try, but I think I will stick with this one for a bit.

Enjoy the screenshots :) I just can't stop taking them...

I LOVE the druid order hall, it is amazing!

A druid at home with nature.

So druid-y.

Home sweet home, oh how I wish for housing here!

Even the portal to the OH looks so cool.


I think I forgot to include a picture of my hunter weapon that isn't mogged....


Memories of Pandaria.

Rawr, they are so heavy! 

Scarab micro holiday.

Resting in a pretty place, you can see my bow here.

New costume/toy from the Lunar Festival. There are three parts: Head, middle and tail.

My demon hunter.


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