Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rift: Starfall Prophecy

Another day, another expansion launches! Today's experience was a lot more exciting and less confusing. No rants here today, read on to see why I'm pretty excited about Starfall Prophecy.

This expansion is gorgeous I have to say logging in and heading to the new outpost in Starfall Prophecy was enchanting. The sky is full of stars, the whole place had that mysterious and cool vibe I have only seen in Guild War 2's Rata Sum, which is one of my all time favorite MMO cities in any game. Starting off it gave a sense of wonder and excitement of what is yet to come.

The servers are under a large strain it seems, lag and people all over. I had some issues for getting the main story quest NPC to show up so I could go to the correct area. He is right on the first floor where you port in to, pictured here is a screenshot of him (Damacus Trueair). Don't run off until you get this quest. I don't think I was the only one either, it seems some of these NPC's took awhile to load up for some of us. I saw other people asking where to start the quests in Starfall Prophecy, so it is probably just the servers lagging. Some people complained in chat about disconnecting, which happened a couple of times for me, but that's it. Others complained about falling through the world, thankfully I have not had to experience this. I think swapping to 32 bit from 64 helped some, I am not sure, just what I see in bits and pieces in chat.

I decided to start off with my freshly boosted Cleric, instead of my main. I wanted to see how a boosted character would do, which went very smoothly and I have not had any problems so far. The transition to boosting is nice and easy, your gear pops right on, no looking for it in your bags! I am pretty happy about the boosted character being included, I have been so lazy with my cleric who I do love to play, so it was nice to get her up there in levels again.

I have been questing a bit, between getting dinner rolling, very smooth sailing. The world is full of people everywhere. No issues with that though, it is nice and I figured with the mobs allowing multiple people to tap them, it would be a great time to start off the cleric while the leveling pack is running through these zones.

I had not planned on picking up Rift until next year, as I mentioned in a previous post, but after yesterday and how things went with EQ2's Kunark Ascending, with no real word on what is going on, I am glad I decided to join in with the expansion. Out of the two it has been the better launch. The devs have put up login messages and posts on things that are bugged and when they will be fixed, nothing major. There are also heroic packs for logging in with some goodies! They are available until 11/30 The producer's letter is out as well, including the most adorable picture of a pet hedgehog!! I am never shy to call out things that I do not agree with or have a problem with, as far as these companies go. I also love to give props when they are deserved and I think the Rift Team did a great job thus far, I am impressed. Seems that I will actually have just as much, maybe more, fun here than I did with Legion and I considered that a really fun expansion for the most part. It seems much more laid back in Rift though and casual, with tons of outdoor world events. Welp... That is it for today, because I want to log back in and play!

Oh, and EverQuest, the first one had an expansion out today. I did not get that, heh, but Dire did. While I will be playing (I do still play a few nights a week) I don't think heading in the expansion is in the cards for me. It has never ever been a smooth transition it seems. He might peek in this weekend, or I may run around on one of our other accounts that has the xpac, see how it looks and try to not die too much, heh. Gotta love boxing, all those expansions needed, ugh. Anyhow, that is really it for today.

Peeps everywhere!

Adventuring with quest NPCs, lots to see and do.

Killing a world event boss.

The desert area which is the second zone you head to.

Forest zone, love this, I want to move here!

The rep vendor has TONS of this stuff to sell for dimensions!!

Some neat story effects.

Sights to see quests to do...

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