Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rift: Scatherran Forest!

Sharing some shots from Rift's new zone Scatherran Forest today. It is lovely and whimsical, full of critters, unicorns, giant squirrels many other creatures with unique new looks.

Part of the story is going to the dens belonging to different critters. The dialogue is very humorous and gave me quite a chuckle. Very nice touch, these were so cute I wanted to take them home with me and put them all in my dimensions!

A refreshing little spot.

Another boss, The rewards are decent, lots of currency I am already saving up.

Unicorns! Reminds me of Vanguard Saga of Heroes. It is always great to stumble upon a field of unicorns, right?!

Playing with the unicorns 

That is one snazzy looking cat!


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