Friday, April 15, 2016

Goofing Off- EQ2, Rift

Sharing some shots today from EQ2 and Rift. As EQ2 just had a lot of fun events end, but Rift has the five year anniversary going on! Happy birthday Rift! Lots of cool rewards this year and new things to do. Much more fun than popping balloons constantly. If you were there for the first anniversary-- remember the balloon popping raids? I sadly popped a few alone this year, but overall this year is much more fun, especially with the instant adventure! (Pictured above is a house I am decorating in EQ2, house actors propped onto a mount: Dire and my character  posed to sit together gazing into the sunset, even if we don't play it together. Awww...)

Exploring in the Sinking Sands (which used to be the Sourthern Desert of Ro and Oasis of Marr in EverQuest-- Now merged together as one zone, I suppose as the Desert of Ro?). I leveled through with the beast lord then the necro. It is a fun zone, lots of updated drops for gear, tons of upgrades. 55-60 is a bit more boring. They are both sitting at 57 and 59... Need to get the momentum going again. 

Isle of Mara. I love this zone, there are only a few quests in this Asian themed zone but I always do them as they reward a few nifty house items. I would SO love to have this zone as personal housing, even just part of it. One of the neatest and most unique zones in EQ2. Flying mounts available at level 35 with the latest CE, I did not know that. The /claim mount is pretty awesome. I hate not flying with my alts after having it on the higher characters.

Pretty horsey! I don't really notice not being able to fly in Rift. Though it would be nice. There are so many nifty ground mounts. 

Why are the wilds so empty, such a gorgeous zone but nobody is ever here. Then again this stuff is much harder than the older zones. I do get sick of the underwater areas, gah. I come here to gather and explore, that is about it.

A new roguer pet, yay! This pretty bird was added in with this week's update. Also, something to note, the pet heal spell is gone for rangers, it now is healed on finishing moves (combo points).The warrior gets a really cool baby dragon thing. More pictures of the anniversary events soon.




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