Friday, April 29, 2016

Bit of A Delay...

A bit of a delay in any type of posting, as I had some icky computer issues. My computer called it quits. First I thought it was the monitor, then the video card, then the ram, I think in the end it was the motherboard. Both motherboard and processor were not all that great to begin with, though the computer should have lasted quite a bit longer. A few months ago we made a huge move and maybe that had something to do with it, who knows. 

But now things are squared up and the new computer is great. I've been installing many different games, some I have never tried and some old faves like Rift and EQ2. Starting from scratch I just felt like adding some new stuff in the roster, which is great because almost everything is free to play these days! Currently I have LoTRO downloading, as there is the anniversary event and my account is nine years old! We'll see what I end up with.

Rift is going well, sometimes though I feel a bit aimless just going on and doing random events and rifts. I can only do so much housing, well, really it is endless in many ways since you have access to alts housing as well... But I need a break from that at times. I just wish there were more daily objectives or more of a structured endgame, besides floundering around in the plane of water. The city there is just so confusing, pretty, but a bit too sprawling.

The anniversary event has been great. Some neat stuff to do in the form of events out in the world, and the special instant adventure is great. It is actually pretty funny with the announcer starting off the adventures. A very nice touch! I have gotten so much cool stuff, mounts, costume items, pets-- they were very good about the event this year! Most of it was basically stuff you can easily obtain in game without needing to purchase in the shop. Oh, and they added snazzy angel and mechanical wings! I love the angelic looking ones, and I thought the wings in GW2 were awesome, even if a bit big. These are not too small but not too large (EQ2 does the same things with HUUUGE wings). Many of the mounts you can grab off the auction house for cheap too, which was nice as I grabbed one I was missing, then I ended up getting it in a drop and passed it on to an alt, lol. 

Other than that, I dabble around in EQ2 a little. My newest necro alt is sitting at 63. There is new content but I don't feel like messing around on my 100, I'll eventually get there with the alt. Mostly group stuff, like the new zone. So I don't really feel in any rush for that kind of stuff. I thought about checking out GW2, since there is a free 80 boost. But then that means I need to buy the new expansion, which is still 50$ and I can't see paying that just to check the game out again. I did check it out but then I feel left out with no glider and no shiny new spec, and I cannot try out the new class. So I probably won't mess around with it until it goes on sale. 

I poked back in Trove as there is a five day free item event going on. I've been playing it some on the side. My son played it with me last night, so that was fun. Trove is really easy to get back into and always fun to play. I just love that little game. I do hope it doesn't get too much like other games, as I already starting to see things creeping out that make it more competitive and more of a grind than I like. 

Next time I post I'll post some pics and thoughts on a few other games I've messed about in, many of them older games. Have a great weekend!

Visiting Hailol, what a name for a zone, lol.

It's the parade!

A nice view from above.

Dragon in an anniversary event.

Dragon got a bit deathly!

New pet duck- Percy Quackerton! He is so cute!

My mother installed Rift, but we're still getting her into the swing of attacking mobs. It's going to be awhile I think, lol.

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