Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Postcards From Neverwinter

It's my birthday today! Sharing some of my favorite things from Neverwinter, sparkle unicorns, paladins and gorgeous places to adventure! I've brought Dire along with me this time around, sadly none of my screenshots saved with us both, more to come though!

It was a great time to come back, with the new subscription/VIP deal for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday being only five dollars! Can't beat that. We jumped at the chance. The nice thing is a key a day for boxes, well worth that price. 

Fighting dragons is always fun. 
This is my first character I made when I first started playing, my cleric. She is now sitting at 53. Not as tough as the paladin, but she is fun in her own way. Playing both here and there, mainly focusing on the paladin (pictured up top) as Dire is almost caught up to her level (60).

Always something to look at and lovely scenery to take in

Makes me think of one of my favorite shows Les Revenants (The Returned). 

Playing around with my undead doggie companion, so shiny and purple!

More on our adventures to come :)


  1. Oh man, game looks better than i remember it.

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