Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Sharing some shots from Rift. Mostly some dimensions I've been working on across my alts. Probably my favorite thing about Rift these days, fun stuff. That and playing my many alts :)

A cool shot, casting.

Work in progress- Moonlit pool.  
I wanted a serene place I could imagine going to relax there, with water. This was a challenge in the Anywhere dimension, but I made it work.

The waterfall 'temple'. Still building this.

A little cottage I have yet to finish, looks nice thus far. This is in the cascades dim.

Another castle I built, Fits nicely on the Ember Isle dimension.

Entrance, getting off the boat, lol. 

A little camp area on a small isle. 

Side of castle. 


Castle, back, leading inside. It's very small inside, and still needs to be decorated.

A scene from way, way out back of the castle. 

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