Monday, October 26, 2015

Tricks And Treats

It's been almost a week and I still have had no reply from EA/BW/SWTOR on the status of my account, which has been very disheartening. This evening I decided to try phone support once more since I've already tried to directly tweet SWTOR, post on the help forums (which it seems are only players helping players), sending several more emails- with no replies at all. Dead silence. I figured it couldn't be any worse than my first call to support.

The support agent I spoke to was extremely nice and helpful, giving me a bit more insight on what happened (flagged as 'compromised' and 'investigated'), as well as escalating my account for help. Hopefully I do finally find something out sooner than, well, never. Because the status was still banned, no investigation or any tickets for processing were in place. It was as if I never contacted the company. I do feel better having spoken to someone who was sympathetic and offering to help to the best of their abilities. It makes a world of difference when this is the case.

Anyhow, Halloween is full swing in many games. It has been hard to keep up with them all and I haven't been able to. So many great quests and events... so little time. WoW had the same event, the Horseman and some old and new quests. Still no mount for me this year-- but I just can't stomach doing the headless horseman with all my characters every day, especially when I queue as tank and the healer is shadow... Just annoys me to no end. The new quests this year are for decorations to the garrison which are cool. I don't know if they will go away after Halloween, probably so. They look cool though, even if for a little while.

Oh and there is a new murloc pet out in WoW! I stumbled across a few blogs and websites posting about it recently. I've always wanted my own baby murloc, but there is always something tied to it, such as a Blizzcon promotion or ticket, or maybe it is in another country and all that. So seeing a free pet in game, I had to go get it as soon as I heard! The guys, Dire and Nelf, went with me. We all took pictures and clicked on them to hear their sweet little murloc voices, lol. If you want your very own, here's a link which shows where on the map and also explains how to get this cute little guy! It seems a mystery why this little fellow is where he is.

Wildstar went all out with Halloween. They offer some easy daily quests, an instance and plenty of cool rewards. TONS of neat housing items, even some can be purchasedoff the housing vendor, I'm too broke to buy all I want at such a low level though...I won't get all the wallpapers..gah! The event is overall fun, the city look fantastic, the decorations are awesome.

The instance for Shade's Eve in Wildstar scales you up. I'd so much rather it to scale players down. It isn't super hard and I have ran it multiple times. It's just so slow in the 20's. For some lower levels and classes I have read it is downright hard though. It takes around a half an hour to get through it and while it is great you can run it over and over, solo or whatever, it's slow as a sub 50 character. I wish it was a bit faster to knock out a couple of times and then go do some questing, but it's too slow to do much more on a short session.

They also did a back to the future tribute, with hoverboard daily quest tracks to run. Awarding us with Marty Mcfly clothing, loved it! It was really neat. I got several titles too, the best one being Butthead, ha! I loved those movies as a kid. The only thing I didn't like was that the event hoverboard was in the cash shop, at the same time as all the cool Halloween stuff at that. And it is a one time event most likely, because 2015 isn't going to come back around next year. So buy it now or forever wish you did? I just wish it was part of the quest. For something that is a one time deal ('probably' was stated somewhere on the website or forums or somewhere I read).

EQ2 Nights of The Dead is back. But I wanted to play some alts for this holiday, and they decided to hold the crazy-instant-kill-you-if-you-are-under-level-100-bunny (tribute to Monty Python) event. Which was awesome, except I didn't feel like boxing a character to protect my alt through the event, so I quit logging in... And I need to buy the new xpac. Which I am just not feeling up to after the whole SWTOR-took-my-money-and-banned-me-fiasco. I want to pick it up but I am just not feeling it right now. Plus, I'm not made of money.

The Mad King has returned to GW2. As well as an expansion. I may log in my alt who is 70 something now. Simply from logging in and collecting xp books, I have my first almost 80 alt. I do like the Halloween events in GW2, I don't want to run the Mad King for the coolest items though, so maybe, maybe not. I like zergs and solo, not actual groups, it just don't work in my eyes in this game. Which leads me to the biggest reason for not caring about the expansion currently. Raids... I would rather poke my eyes out with rusty forks than ever raid in Guild Wars 2.

Rift has a smaller scale of holiday events, The Autumn Harvest is back. It's the same as last year, lots of housing items to collect, a few titles and such. Some new items, cool stuff. I've been playing a lot of Rift. There is just a lot to do, and I like that. I decorate, craft, do quests, rifts, adventures, the holiday event, play around with minions and so on. It just feels nice to log in and do whatever I want... similar to Trove.

Trove has some really cool recipes out for Halloween, some cool mounts as well and a new Auction House type system... WOO! I have been wanting one for so long. I was playing a LOT for a couple of weeks but then I peeked into Rift and got sidetracked. I suppose I just like to do all kinds of activities these days and hop around and collect things, which Trion seems to offer the best.

That's it for today. Enjoy the screenshots.

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