Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Toys

 Lots of things to look forward to this month. WoW has a new expansion heading out next week. GW2 just released a new part of the Living Story. EQ2 also has a new expansion heading out, as well as the first EQ, which was just released. Lots to look forward to and dabble with.

That's about it as far as my interest can span this month. I am enjoying WoW a lot, but I am more than ready to leave Pandaria behind. I look forward to new lands and quests, new things to collect and discover. I also look forward to hitting level 100 in time for the 10th anniversary, which will have a lot of fun stuff to do--- at the level cap. So there is a bit of a rush, -that- I don't look forward to. I also wish it wasn't level based. So now I have to pick a main out of my six 90's to get 100 first... Because I am NOT leveling all six characters there by the end of this year. No way, not burning myself out so quickly.

I'm leaning towards Hunter, Lock or my DK. I really love the DK since she is sporting a fancy heroic heirloom weapon from Garrosh, which makes all the difference. I managed to snag the staff, 2hander for melee and the bow, all heroic. They will be awesome for leveling! I am not sure which one just yet. I love playing ranged, but sometimes it is just nice for a change. Lots to think on. Also considering everyone in my family (even my brothers when they play) is already playing a plate character as a main. DK, DK, DK...Pally. Everyone, besides my son, loves Death Knights.

This month the Darkmoon Faire is here with new additions. We have a few new toys to play around with, like the Blazing Wings. Which was a very welcome toy to add to the toy box. If you haven't gotten them yet, there is still time. And, of course, next month and so on. I was a bit surprised to see Blizzard give us cosmetic wings. I suppose it helps to shush the lamenting of Demo locks (much like myself) who lost our glyphed wings (Dark Apotheosis). Now all my characters can have pretty wings. They're really cool, everyone seems to love them. Though there were some issues, which I am not sure were fixed, phasing not working and going to live. Which was quite messy and time consuming. I don't have any trouble doing the daily now. Basically people could steal your rings, which was a huge hindrance to get the 50 you need for the achievement, which grants the wings. And we got some nifty costumes for Day of The Dead, which kind of, sort of, flag you PvP. They're interesting. Sort of reminds me of the costume brawl items in GW2... Hrmmm. They are very similar indeed! Except you actually can die.... Lame.

GW2 was a blast for Halloween. The first Halloween I was very unhappy and considered quitting, which led to a long break. This year was pretty awesome, I got everything I wanted except for one pet, which was super rare. I cannot complain, it was a blast with plenty of things to aim for and plenty of loot to grab. Tons of new toys to play with! Much better than the first. I have not started the new living story episode but I plan on working through it soon. It seems with the next few we'll be getting a new armor type, this time we get shoulders. I'm looking forward to playing through this episode. GW2 is one of my favorite MMO games, it has so much potential, I hope it gets to that sweet spot eventually that I'm hoping for with some things like real/ semi real housing and guild halls.

EQ2 I have basically slacked off with. I have been trying to focus mainly on GW2 on the side and getting ready in WoW for the xpac as my main staple. Mainly because Dire and my son are playing with me and I can't pass that up! It is fun playing with them, they seem glad to be back so I try to stay where they are playing because it is always more fun playing with family than playing alone--even if I don't get to transmog and play dress up as much as I sometimes do. Saves me gold., ha! But yes, I am looking forward to the xpac in EQ2. The new race looks very cool, winged humanoid dragon people. Which look like very pretty humans with wings. I wonder if we can race change to them? I am not leveling another character up so soon... I hope. I really want to play one, though they are in the cash shop as an additional item, and I already need to buy the xpac. I am putting this one on hold for now. There's also two different choices of the race, a cheaper one and an expensive one... Kind of odd if you ask me. Anyhow. I am sure I'll be playing again soon, I want to try the xpac, and the tenth anniversary will be this month as well! I can't wait.

That's it for tonight, I'm off to nurse a headache. Have a great weekend!

Heroic Garrosh kill, woot!

Rainy day.

I should make this my desktop background. Dire and I are always running this instance for the mount.

Apparently goofing off with Dire, my son took this shot while I was afk... lol.

Back to the Black temple with yet another character. 

Dire and I with our new wings.

Hanging out with an old buddy--Who still plays horde. So glad we have the battlenet chat!

Helping Dire with his fresh 90 mage on the isle. 

My lock with a goofy mog to match her wings. 

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