Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Ghouls and Boils!
A spooky reflection.... EQ2. Haunted houses are always fun to explore.

Riding around on a spooky holiday mount in EQ2.

The Bloody Prince, I like this event! Poor guy hasn't had it very easy with the MAD KING for a father. (GW2)

What's Halloween without zombies? (EQ2)

The Bloody Prince has been locked up for a looong time... Erased from history, until now. 

Aw... do we have to kill him? You can get him as a min this year XD (GW2)

Plenty of spooky illusions in GW2 this year. 

If you're lucky you might find color changing jewelry in a trick or treat bag, these are pretty expensive. (GW2)

Clock tower! (GW2)

New spooky costumes this year! (GW2)

Not much has changed in Azeroth this year. Dire got his HH mount, I'm still trying. (WoW)

Chainsaw to the face... (GW2)

The Mad Realm. I'll miss it when it leaves, I love this zone. (GW2)

Knocking on holiday doors, tons of ToT bags to be had! (GW2)

New holiday costume addition this year, totally easy to get. (GW2)

YOUR MAD KING SAYS..... Have a happy Halloween! 

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