Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Lineup

What do you plan on playing this fall? I had hopes that Landmark would hit open beta but that seems to be dragging out and I'd rather wait. I've already grabbed Warlords of Draenor, so that's a given. Speaking of WoW, tomorrow we get the 6.0.2 pre expansion patch- The Iron Tide! Very exciting.
Tomorrow the new models are released for most of the older models (my Blood Elves cry about being left out). Even though I have seen the new models in videos and pictures, I can't wait to see how MY characters look with the new and updated models! I am so freaking excited. Yes, you can change the look to something you may like better, if it turns out your character's new looks don't appeal to you. I've played since release and really never thought we'd see the day where they got updated. I didn't even realize this was part of the patch until my son pointed it out to me, which prompted a sitting in the chair victory dance with much fist pumping. After I had convinced everyone I wasn't having a seizure, I gave the patch notes a scan.

On top of that, tons of changes. Lots of changes how gear and stats work, how armor will be more easily swapped between specs. My druid will actually get more time played again! And maybe I will finally finish up the cloak quest before it is removed, still a little bit of time left. The toy box comes out. THIS is what I've been waiting for, a new tab for crafting mats in your personal bank and 98 more void storage slots! MY BAGS ARE SO FULL on my mains!! A good day indeed... once we get past all the patch madness. Check out the list of changes here on the official website, it's one heck of a read.

Lots of changes there. The expansion is due out soon. Halloween is heading our way, and yes, more horseman runs. Then we have the big celebration for the ten year anniversary with some cool events that will only be available for a limited time. I plan on deciding between now and then who will be the first to 100. The last few times I dabbled around with multiple characters to 90. This time it is more pressing for the limited time content. Until then I'll probably be farming monies with the 90's maybe making a few alts just to play around with the new looks on other races (like undead, lol) and getting my, oh so close, DK to 90. By then I should have six 90's to choose from... Ugh, decisions! Plenty to do, and now we can look good while doing it, heh.

GW2 has sort of fallen off the radar. I just sort of lost steam when Dire wandered off. It wasn't as fun playing alone. I have been keeping tabs and I am sure I'll poke back in for holiday events. Rift has been on my mind. While I'm not a huge fan of Trion these days, I still miss the game. I have pondered purchasing the expansion but I think I will wait on it. Trion is having a real time of helping with tickets and horrible queue times on live chat, now that there is no call center. I think things need to cool off from the AA release.

Speaking of.. Archeage, still playing but much less. The land issue is still a problem. While I have land my son doesn't and it is starting to become a problem as we wish to do more farming for lumber but just don't have the room to do so. Which sort of dampens the game. We might let subscriptions lapse until things calm down, maybe at the start of the new year? I am not sure. Still dabbling though, it is a lovely game in many ways but it still needs a LOT of work on bugs and exploits.

EQ2 has taken rein over much playtime, as I mentioned in my last post. Always so much to do. So much choice in where to go as well. I really enjoy it. Some nights I blow a ton of time decorating my house, other times I grind out some quests or mentor down and do chrono missions. Plus, Nights of The Dead is keeping me busy. Loving it!

That's the plan for this fall. I did get the urge to play something really creepy (The Secret World came to mind) after watching The Walking Dead premiere (it was awesome!), but I don't think that is really the game for me, when all is said and done. I already have too much to keep tabs on.

Now, let's hope patch day runs smoothly! *Crosses fingers* Don't forget, tomorrow is also the big name purge!

**Picture up top, for any wondering, is EQ2. The skeleton is the NoTD petmorph orc wand. 

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  1. Well... my daughter and I will be playing Warlords of Draneor. She finally leveled her hunter to 90. I dusted off an 70 something paladin and drug her kicking and screaming all the way to 90. Now, she's happy that I gently pushed her.

    A few months ago, I tried to text you a few times online since my daughter wanted to "meet" you, but I'm guessing you were AFK? I haven't really had a chance to play, most likely will do something this weekend. However, I will need to download the patch onto her laptop.




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