Sunday, October 12, 2014

Creepy Nights In Norrath

Finally... My valorous wings! I have been trying for YEARS for these things. 

I finally hit 95, the current cap, in EQ2. My new Channeler was the one to hit this milestone. It has been nice starting up on Antonia Bayle, the RP server. I have made some friends within the new guild, which have been great helping me level which has been quite fun to group with people again.

Hitting 95 was a bit of a change, I had to start paying attention; or I'd find myself taking a trip back with death being swift as mobs are still conning orange, being six levels above me. Upgrading gear made a huge difference though, it was essential. Questing helps but it was just easier to pop into the broker and purchase some upgrades, some are quite expensive on this server so I didn't go crazy with it. But now I am having a much easier time and also gaining upgrades via questing. It is all starting to even out.

So far I like the new areas. They are quite colorful, not as muted as some of the older content, both are fine with me though. I like the older areas too and often mentor down and adventure through many old favorite zones. Which is nice to have the option to mentor down and do older content. Especially the Kunark zones, as they have a very nice xp modifier. Especially through the later levels where you need SO much more xp for each level.

I'm currently working on leveling a paladin on the other account as a small side project, which is fun. I'm just power leveling it, which is easy. I'm not blowing through levels as it is a side project, we will see how it ends up! I can always use a tank for things where a merc isn't particularly ideal. Plus, maybe I can talk Dire into picking it up and playing it. He played the shadow knight on our old server, so the  paladin wouldn't be that far off from it. It is something to do when I want a change, mentor down and travel around to old zones for a good reason. If anything the paladin will be a nice to have a pocket tank if ever needed.

Other than that... NIGHTS OF THE DEAD IS HERE! The fall months are some of my favorite in EQ2. I love the events, especially NoTD. This year the same quests with a few extra things added, it is so awesome to see events added to and built upon each year. SOE really goes the extra mile with holiday events and they truly are the masters when it comes to this content. I really appreciate the cool additions and fun things to do for each holiday, it is always a welcome change! Spending plenty of time working on holiday content, I love the creepy stuff!

A lot of my gaming time has been spent in Norrath lately. Having fun, making new friends, all around a good time. It is refreshing when I compare it to Archeage, more freedom in my personal opinion. I don't have to compete for farming land, watch my back or anything that just grinds on my nerves. Sometimes I just want to veg out and EQ2 is great for that. If you play on Antonia Bayle, feel free to say hello, I'm always on as Anjealous. And last but not least, I got my Valorous Wings today... I finally saw them going for auction and had to outbid everyone for them. I was so very happy that I won the bid. They never drop for me, after years of trying to get them, finally I did manage to get them anyhow. I'm a cosmetic junkie, I am truly in fluff heaven (pictured at the top of post). Have a great weekend!


Out questing.

He reminds me of my fat pug, lol.

Dragons! These dragons bring back many memories from the first EverQuest game. They were a huge part of the lore and a big deal back in the day. I always had an awe of the EQ dragons, they were powerful and frightening. It feels great to see them here too, a little closer to home.

Up, up and away...

Doing some hedge quests, love this zone.

NoTD Umbral mount, all thorny and cool. He's my favorite mount currently.

NoTD pet illusion (Lich).

Is that reflection moving.... Seems like I've been here before. 

NoTD skeletal wings.

Tank alt and my main. New skeletal mount... LOVE this. 

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