Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WoW- Prepping For WoD: Linkage

We still have some time before WoD and 6.0 hit, if you play WoW regularly you're probably already in the know on most of the changes and upcoming details. However, if you're like me and haven't been playing as much, you might find that there are changes in the works that you want to prepare for. Today I thought I'd share some links with some information on what is to come, what you can watch out for. 

The Great Name Purge!
First off, if you haven't logged in for ages (you might still not want to if it has been thaaaat long), but you might be concerned with your character's name being lost. If you have not logged in since November 11, 2008, you could lose your name. Or rather, you will. How to save your name? Why you'll need to log in (with each character)! Check out the official post here.

For Great Justice (and Valor)!
Big Bear Butt has a good post on how to spend your valor and justice, what to do with it and what you might want to farm with it before 6.0 goes live. A very handy post, I wasn't really aware of the changes myself. Check it out here.

Heirlooms on Vacation.
With the previous topic sort of tied into this one, it could be something to take into account. You might want to farm that heirloom before the vendor goes on vacation. I did read that heirlooms will be sold for gold but this post confuses me. So, if there is an heirloom you wanted to get but keep putting off, check out this post here.

Whack a Mole 6.0: Healing Changes.
And... healing is getting more 'interesting' (again). I don't think there really is a way to make whack-a-mole more interesting for players who don't find it fun to begin with. I think it is fun to be able to support and help your party as a healer, not worry about mana issues constantly. I cringe when I think about Cataclysm and the healing changes and how I quit healing through this expansion, the only one I did this with. There are some changes headed for healers, check out the article from WoW Insider here. Maybe it isn't so bad?

Free WoW! ...Sort of.
WoW is free to new players until September 26th. Ten more days to.... dig through your email. That's right, only an email promotion for players who play other Blizzard games. Or something like that. It is all confusing and worded weird. WoW Insider had a post on it, which ends up with it seeming a lot less exciting for non blizzard customers once explained by a Blizzard poster. But, you might want to check through the email if you fit this criteria. Or maybe pass it along to a friend, they could have an email sitting there in the spam folder.

10th Anniversary Events... Moar Levels!
And to wrap up this post, Blizzard has an article up which outlines WoW's 10th anniversary. Very exciting and all, but there are some things to take into account. This event will last for about two months, which is very nice considering there is a raid tied to it, a cool new PvP map as well. But you're going to need to get some levels to participate. I am pretty boggled that the company would want to rush players to end game after such a long content drought. In my honest opinion I think this event should have dropped six months before the anniversary and had a grand finale on the day of. Such as: Log in to claim your corgi! Or something... That way people would have had something interesting to do while waiting for the xpac, enough time to play through with alts and so on. Just really enjoy it and not feel rushed. But that's just me. What do I know. You can find all the details here on the official website.

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