Friday, September 12, 2014

At Random

It always happens when I move, it takes time to fall back into a routine and I seem to game less, doing more around the place while I settle in. For now I'm just playing random things. Really random play sessions.

I usually have trouble settling back into whatever I was playing. I want to dabble with TESO more but I can't decide which character to play, so I'm hopping around between my two mains. It isn't helping either that the folks with Neverwinter decided not to help me get my astral diamonds back without rolling back my characters on the account. I said no thanks, I'd rather quit playing. I am not doing all those levels over again. I am just a few short of the cap. Maybe I'll play again one day, not now though. I really had a lot of fun with the game too.

I decided to pick up Tera and give it another shot. Very random for me, as I am not big on action combat but I got really into the combat in Neverwinter and it has made it a nice transition to other action games. I decided to start over, since my beta character was pretty low anyhow. I went with a mystic as I don't have to run around as much with a tanking pet out. I also decided to reroll as a male character because I am not into looking up my characters skirt at underwear and butt cheeks. Not my thing. Plus, the male mystics get some really cool long jackets.

The game is quite beautiful, the character models are really fantastic too. They have a lot of really great looking costume items. The community seems overall made up of perverts who love discussing the things they want to do to their tiny childlike female characters. I quit reading chat. I think finding a decent guild is a must if you want any decent social interaction. I'm not quite sure, I've not even cared to interact with anyone as of now. I don't even know if the game will offer much to me at endgame, it seems rather limited to dungeons. For now I'll take it slow and enjoy the leveling scene.

For now I like it a lot. It is different and new. It is also on rails, I don't see anything like random events, which is a bit of a shame. I think there are some at end game but I need to check into that, the Nexus.

I'm downloading Age of Conan, just because I can. I thought about playing it a few months ago, I wanted to see it with everything turned up on a new machine. I suppose I'll be sharing about that if I end up playing much. And EQ2 seems to be calling me... Just in time for seasonal events I guess, lol.

That's it for today. I thought I'd share some screens of Tera. Have a great weekend!

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