Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Five Cool Things About Wildstar

I caved. Yup, I always seem to. I Picked up Wildstar this week. The whole thing with Wildstar confuses me, it is so laid back seeming, so cute and lovable, yet it claims to be so hardcore. I figure if I make it to 50 that right there is enough of an experience all in itself. Plus, it has housing!

I had to create a new account, as my free seven day account was banned and I don't even remember my beta account login information, it could have been the same account. I have no clue why, emailing support is the only way to find out and it is sloooow. Not impressed with support thus far. That said, there is a silver lining, I ended up rolling a different class (last time I went engineer and esper), the stalker. Which I really enjoy. I'm pretty much loving the class. I've managed to get to 17. At first it was rather painful, slow, and the quests, the world, the combat seemed to be all over the place. It was so in your face and a lot to digest. However around 14 things started to fall into place more,
combat seems better. There are not so many life and death situations with every mob I engaged, it seems to be smoothing out with more abilities and amps. My biggest tip thus far is stick with the game through the first map. It feels all over the place, you don't feel so tough but it gets better! The game starts to smooth out around 14 or so I found. So, stick with it, there is much to look forward to!

Today I didn't really want to get into what I think or long winded impressions, I mostly wanted to share a few cool things about Wildstar!

Housing- I just knew eventually I'd have to play because I've watched and waited for this for quite sometime. You start off small but you start out with some stuff. Mobs can drop items for housing, which is awesome. Challenges and quests can award them as well. The look and feel of these plots it's just so whimsical. Is it the best housing ever? I don't know yet, I do know it has function. And a LOT of cool things you can do there. There is reason to go there, grow crops, challenges, rested bonus when camping there, fun decorating, daily buff from it as well. Those are just a few things to tick off the list. You can also have neighbors and roomates, very cool!
Another cool thing about housing is that you can add so much to your house, 1-5 player dungeons, challenges for dyes, renown points, house items and so on. As you level you can unlock more things, as well as buying or obtaining some as drops or from your chosen path. There is a lot of fun to be had with housing. I have to say Wildstar has taken housing to a whole different level.

Shiphand Missions- Everyone already knows about adventures and dungeons. I read posts from many other bloggers writing about them, but I have yet to read about Shiphand missions. I was very happy to stumble across my first and solo it, since I am playing alone. These are instanced missions, which scale with 1-5 players. Great for a duo or just something else to do solo. There are six of them in total, which you will find as you level. You can find the list here

Two Step Verification- What is nice about adding this to your account is that there is a sense of security as well as an incentive. For adding it to your account (mobile authenticator) you get a free mount, which looks awesome! You can use this at level 15. Not bad for a freebie, not bad at all. You also gain a cosmetic item and a title. I didn't have to think too hard on this decision, heh. Here is the official page with details.

Costumes and Dyes- What I like about the costume system is that you can stick anything in there, any armor! It doesn't have to be a costume, and you can dye it all. Dyes are unlocked once, which I absolutely love. I reallllly want to see a dressing room or some type of preview for items, I hope we see one before long, will really help on deciding what to keep or toss. Doing the quest you get for unlocking the dye NPC grants you with a free dye, so make sure to do it!

Mentoring-  Mentoring is awesome in any game. In this game it is a great way to get renown points as well (if only I had friends >.<). How many times I wished WoW had mentoring so I didn't have to play an alt with a friend or family who was leveling a lower character. I just want to run my main out to play with them! I am very impressed with any game that adds this right at release. It helps keep players together, friends playing together, it helps players not feel so left out when they want to play with their buddies but are still catching up. A big thumbs up in my opinion!

As someone who was really interested at first then put off by the hardcore aspect and not being a huge fan of the combat style, I have to say I continue to be impressed with Wildstar. Given a chance this game really seems to be one that really grows on you if you give it the chance. Stay tuned, more to come!


  1. Dont you tempt me! :P

  2. That's my race/class from beta... *updates launcher...gnaws fingernails* >.>

  3. *sighs...plays Wildstar*




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