Friday, April 4, 2014

Around The World(s)

April fools has come and gone. I always cringe reading my feed because you never know just what you will find, heh. Blizzard had a very silly bunch of patch notes for WoW and an ugly model for female Draenei. Rather weak compared to some games which added actual pranks within the actual game. I admit the Draenei got me for a moment then I remembered the date. The only one I had a chance to really experience was EverQuest. Which spawned illusions in the guild hall on players as they logged in, which was funny. I'm always glad when the day is over, lol. But I did read about some other great pranks.

Still at it with good ol' EQ. Dire and I have been playing regularly. The new Plane of War was released this week. I have been very excited about this zone, as it is for level 100 characters. I suppose it isn't horrible but it is a bit underwhelming, or overwhelming, depending on how you look at it. The named that spawn can drop some of the nicest gear available. The only thing is that you need two groups to take them down. When we play it is late, I think by the time we got into the zone there were five people in the zone, two of them being Dire's boxed characters and one was my own. These mobs hit hard too. The trash respawns quick, so quick people complain that it respawns while they are trying to clear a path to named mobs. I'm not big on the two group deal at this point in the game, especially when so many games offer open tagging, it just feels like such as hassle. But there are chances for some good gear here, this isn't a zone for XP but merely loot and some quests, which I suspect lead to more access to more loot.

Other than that things are going well. I'm working on racking up AA, Dire has been leveling the mage a bit, hitting 98 last night. He's also going to be playing his shadowknight more, which is awesome, one of my favorite characters of his. He seems to enjoy boxing two characters, one always being the bard (100... we're uber fast!), but I can't complain, the bonus buffs from it are so great. For now this is a good game for us to play together, we sort of let LoTRO go for awhile. Why? We got kind of gapped in levels and ended up not playing together as much as we had hoped. My fault for slacking off, lol.

I still have a few weeks left on WoW. I don't know if I will resub. I mainly play my monk on the Horde for a change of pace and also to hang out with my bud over there in his guild. I decided to work on LFR one groggy morning this week. I managed to get a weapon, boots and head item from the first half of SoO. Things haven't changed one bit since I was last in LFR, the same toxic people spouting nonsense, bragging, berating each other, even one tank not even trying at all, pulling 9k dps. I suppose he had auto attack on at least. I won't complain too much as I really enjoy the ease of getting into LFR. If it truly is removed as a way for players to actually gear, I'll never raid in WoW again. It is all I have the time for, I have way too much else to do IRL, I can't dedicate to a raid schedule. So I overlook a lot for convenience.

The Warlords patch notes for 6.0 are out. It is a massive read. It took me a few hours to go through, back and forth on my phone last night, trying to sink ALL the changes in. Overall a lot looks good on paper but in my heart I  heave a heavy sigh at all the class changes again. Stat squishing will hit then too it looks like, I just wonder what the development team was thinking when they inflated them so badly. It doesn't seem like the changes will be that bad but it just feels like a step in the wrong direction. It just seems so, well, unprofessional. We've had Four expansions over NINE years, such huge inflation! Seriously? Everquest has had TWENTY expansions over FIFTEEN years and never had this issue. As a player I just feel like it is all a big joke, nothing is reliable, nothing is lasting. News flash: I'm not attached to my character's look (model revamp comment on keeping the feel as close as possible to the original) as I was to the mechanics that brought me to the class.

While I sound bitter, I have been enjoying myself despite the things that bother me the most. Nobody else is really playing it with me and I've not pre-ordered the xpac. I was thinking about it but I decided to invest the money in another game. It won't even be here for months and months, plenty of time to wait it out. So maybe I'll wait until closer to the xpac.

Into the sunset... 
Free Realms went off into the sunset this week. I feel sad seeing that happen. I played it since beta and thought it had such potential. In the end it really felt like it was too cash shop heavy. I have a lot of nice memories. Thinking that it is actually gone is weird. I couldn't bother logging in, just feeling a bit jaded about the whole game. I didn't even get a fraction of the lifetime sub utilized, lol. FR you'll be missed. Many children are probably upset. They should head over to Onverse. Probably the most similar game you'll find. Highly recommend it.

Next week I want to write a bit about the new flashy game we're all playing, or most of us. Yep, another last minute decision. I am taking lots of great pictures, having fun learning my way about. I want to play more to give out some concrete thoughts on things. Busy weekend ahead but expect something at the beginning of the week if you're interested in hearing about my thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

Transmog runs, getting closer to finishing the monks. I think I just need a belt.

April fools! You're a giant chest... or something.

I'm a trap! 

Rallos Zek. He looks like someone who might PvP... haha. (Rallos was always a PvP server)

Waiting on Dire to pull meh some mobs!

Lots of pets and stuff. Can't see the mob, lol.

Just thought this was quite pretty, a newer area in EverQuest. 


  1. You're playing ESO and I don't have you on my friends list? D:

  2. I know (/ducks)! Was a busy weekend but glad you have me added now!




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